Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A New Day...

I don't know why I picked today. It isn't a Monday. Everyone knows things like this are supposed to start on Mondays. It isn't New Years, Lent or even the beginning of a month. There was no huge crisis to spark it...no dire situations that had me pondering the effects of the thing.

What thing you ask?


It is not an issue of caffeine. (I have three small children, please don't dare ask me to give up caffeine or you may lose an appendage. Yes, I know caffeine is an addiction and that it is a "drug", spare me.) It is an issue of sugar and my water intake. I am not one of these people that is going to sit here and try to convince you that I have no idea why I am carrying around extra weight. I know why, and I dare say my sodas are a big culprit of that. I have been saying that I would give up other things in order to still have my soda, but to be honest...that seems silly. I have not been drinking near enough water either, mostly due to cokes. The time has come. I woke up this morning and decided, enough was enough.

So, starting today I am taking a sabbatical from sodas. I will still have caffeine when needed, just in coffee form. I wanted to put it in writing so that it was out there and public knowledge. Feel free to bitch slap me if you see with a coke.

OH WAIT...Jason leaves tonight for a business trip and will not be back until Friday night...WHAT AM I THINKING??!?! Three kids...three days...no soda. Oh well, too late now. Poor kids. They will surely need therapy!