Friday, August 04, 2006

How Much?!?

So we got our water bill in the mail the other day. Before I tell you all how much it was you better sit down. No, seriously, sit. Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you...


I told you to sit down. Get up.

I seriously thought Jason was going to have a coronary (not a canary) right in front of me. We knew something had to be wrong. We are under mandatory drought restrictions and can only water our yard once a week. How could this be?

After some investigating we found a MAJOR leak underground. I sat all day yesterday with no water waiting on the plumber. Oh, sure we could have left the water on until he got here, but it would have cost us.

So, like I said we had no water yesterday. I told the boys that the toilets would not flush so they needed to let me know if they had to do anything other than #1. They eventually took to peeing in the backyard. Hey, I never said we weren't rednecks. This worked until about noon. That was when Austin made his announcement (Austin is my dramatic one...keep that in mind)

Austin: "Mom, we have a slight problem"

Me: "And what would that be?"

Austin: "Brodie needs to poop."

Me: "Tell him he can't....there will be no pooping today."

Austin: (in terrified voice on the verge of tears) "BUT MOM WE WILL BLOW UP"

Me: "Austin, chill. I am kidding. Tell him to go, but he can't flush."

What followed that can only be described as a Poop-a-thon. Brodie and Austin NEVER need to go that much....until we have no water. Oh and did I mention I couldn't get the cover off the water meter to turn the water on to flush? There were many candles lit in was gross.

Everything is fixed and running smoothly now. And do they need to poop today? Oh of course not silly!