Sunday, August 13, 2006

3 months

What do you give a child for his 3 month birthday? In our house, apparently a cold. Jason and I have been feeling under the weather for a few days now. Chase is now developing a runny nose and is getting a bit cranky. Austin and Brodie are feeling down too, but I think theirs is more allergies. Fun times to be had around here.

However, we did hit a milestone today. Chase laughed. It wasn't a full on giggle, but it was a laugh and I was so excited.

In other news, we had a productive weekend. In an effort to rid some of the clutter from our attic and garage we sold a ton of books, old CDs and movies. The CDs and movies were no big deal for me. BUT THE BOOKS!!! I hate parting with books. However, I did it. That is a big victory for me! We are also selling a bunch of books and stuff on Amazon. Freeing our house of some of the clutter feels good. Now I just need to find the bottom of the laundry basket. Well all, I am off to nurse Chase and crawl into bed with a few Tylenol PMs....Happy Sunday!