Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Can't Take It

Why can't kids listen? I have told this child over and over again....STOP GROWING UP! Does he listen? NO! He just keeps getting bigger and smarter. You would think as his mom I could control this, but I seem to be powerless.

Austin started 1st grade today. YES, I said it. We no longer use letters to describe his grade. We have moved on to numbers. Here was the shocker for me. This has been harder on my emotions than when he started Kindergarten. I can't explain why. I just have been very emotional about him starting back. I cried today....many times.

The good news...the transition to the new school seems to have gone perfectly. He had a good day and was ecstatic to report that he gets a locker this year. Very grown up indeed.

Next year I will have TWO in school.....there will need to be medical assistance on hand that day...I can't take it.