Sunday, September 30, 2007

Catch up...

My mom came this weekend and brought my nephew. It was so nice because I rarely get to see Cason, much less have him without competition from other people. There are a few photos here.

I can not believe that tomorrow is October! I am feeling more and more prepared for Evan's arrival. October, however, also brings a last minute blitz for Jason at work. He will be gone off and on for a few days at a time almost every week in October...LA, Philly, Cincinnati, Atlanta...whew! It had to get done before he took time off for Evan's arrival, so we are cramming it in. It will be odd to have him gone. Especially since we are also trying to finish up a few projects around the house. Mostly, I am looking forward to some cooler weather!

I will have more posts this week, but right now my kids are chanting, "SNACK SNACK SNACK".

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blogger love...

Now I feel bad for being negative lately. Kelli has given me this award....YAY! I will pass it on soon I promise.

Thanks Kelli!!!!

Bland and Tasteless...

I have about a million things I want to post about today, but don't have time to post them all. SOOOOOOOO...I will go with what has been going on with me. Over the weekend I had another "stomach attack". I say it like that because we really don't know what it is. It has happened about 5 times since July. The first time we blamed it on a stomach virus. We are waiting on some results from some blood work and then we will go for there. The three things that are most likely the culprit are: reflux (though my symptoms are not very consistent with it..this is what I HOPE it is cause it is the least worrisome), liver, or gallbladder. OR, it really could be coincidence and I may just be picking up random stomach bugs. OK, so that is four..I can't count.

I feel better now, but it was HORRID over the weekend. Poor Jason. I am grumpy anyway when I don't feel good, but add 32 weeks pregnant to the mix and ain't pretty! My doctor has advised that I go on a very bland diet either until we figure it out OR until I deliver. Which after delivery I will be dieting anyway, so really it doesn't matter. Sandwiches are quickly becoming my go to meal.

Otherwise, the pregnancy is going great. I went in to the OB yesterday. I am now measuring right on for my due date and his heart rate sounded wonderful. My weight actually maintained from two weeks ago (mostly due to the stomach thing I am sure).

So now I must go and attempt to find my house. I know it is under all this crap somewhere. Subject of posts to come...."Moms don't get sick days" and "Why people who cause drama suck."

Take care all!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I am just boring these days...

You get random things today...just because I need to post.

* Jason and I went to the Dallas Stars game on Tuesday night. His company owns a box at the American Airlines Center. Awesome seats. Fun time. Very nice to get out for a few hours kid-free (thanks Kree and Chris).

* After an easy pregnancy I am entering the "OH MY GAWD I CAN NOT GET COMFORTABLE NO MATTER WHAT I DO" phase. Seriously. Every part of my body feels huge and yucky and it just isn't pretty.

* Chase (the monkey) can climb UP a very steep curly slide. He did this at Chick-fil-a yesterday. He thought it was HILARIOUS and refused to come back down. My friend Amanda had to climb up into the tubes and get him. Thank goodness she is the size of a 14 year old!

* Austin has had a bad week at school. He is grounded. However, I found out what is the worst punishment for him. We went to Walmart yesterday and on the way home I told him that when Jason got home from work that HE was going to tell Jason what happened at school. Austin FLIPPED OUT! Like hyperventilate almost throw up freak out. He did not want to disappoint Jason. Jason handle it really well and told him he needed to shape up and get back to doing what is expected of him. We shall see.

* 8 more weeks (give or take) until I am done being pregnant forever. Despite being uncomfortable I am a little sad about that, but very ready.

* We have chosen a first name....Evan. Got any middle name ideas?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Unprepared you say?

I am due in less than 9 weeks with this little guy and guess how much stuff I have gotten ready for him......


I know you get more laid back with each kid, but I think we are taking it a bit too far.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Big Trouble...

So not only does Austin have his first official girlfriend, BUT Brodie's two best friends at school are both girls. The one in the picture is Alex. Good news about this is that Alex's mom is awesome. First mom I have gotten along with in quite awhile. We met up and let the kids see if they could break the windows of Burger King with their voices this afternoon. Brodie sure knows how to pick 'em.

I am in so much trouble.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

You don't say...

Yea, so he takes after his mom. Chase's new favorite thing to do is to "talk" on the phone. He will get the cordless and laugh and cover his mouth and carry on. It is REALLY adorable. However, he won't do it if someone is actually on the other end of the line.

This post brought to you by the fact I have nothing really interesting to say right now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Brodie is often referred to as "#2". He was the second born so it makes sense. I was just thinking though that it is fitting for another reason.

He is an opportunistic pooper.

I know there is a collective, "HUH?" going on out there right now.....let me 'splain.

Me: "Brodie, you need to go clean your room."
Brodie: "After I poop."

Me: "Brodie you guys need to hurry up and get ready for school."
Brodie: "I have to poop."

Me: "Brodie you go get your shoes on".
Me (10 mins later when there is no sign of Brodie): "BRODIE...WHERE ARE YOU?"
Brodie: "Pooping".

Me: "Brodie go brush your teeth and get ready for bed."
Brodie: "I am pooping".

Now, a lot of you a probably thinking that he doesn't need to go at all and is just playing in the bathroom. Well, if he is then he is hiding stink bombs in his pockets.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Look Ma...

The big deal about this is that he pulled it himself. That is of course after many tears when I told him that if he didn't we would. Still.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stop being me...

Why is that the most annoying aspects of our children's personalities are the traits that are the most like ourselves? It must be karma for what we did to our parents.

Mom and Dad,

I am sorry for dawdling when it was 100 degrees outside. I am sorry for rolling my eyes when I *thought* you weren't looking. I am sorry for thinking that I knew more than you. I am sorry for talking loudly ALL THE TIME. I am sorry for guilt tripping you for needing time away from me. Most of all, I am sorry I don't have the three hours it would take to complete this list.

Oh and they aren't even in the teenage years yet.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day...

It is only fitting that we put the boys to work on Labor Day. Jason and the older two are busy painting the toy room and the boys rooms. Me? I am staying out of the way and doing laundry.

Happy Labor Day All!

He's a Cowboy Baby...

Yesterday we went to Bowie to watch my sister in law ride. As you can see the boys had a lot of fun....and Jason too. Thanks for the fried pickles Mandy :-)