Monday, July 30, 2007

Sick Bay...

Here is what I bought at Walmart this morning:

Saltine crackers
Tomato soup
Chicken noodle soup
Lysol (two cans)
Pepto (both regular and kids)

From that I assume you can gather things have not all been well at our house this weekend. Saturday I came down with a nasty stomach bug, only to have Jason wake up with it Sunday morning. Austin came down with it this morning.

It has been fun times, but everyone seems to be on the mend now.

The boys and I leave for Lubbock tomorrow morning. Jason will fly in later for the weekend. Jason's brother and his wife will be in town and we have not seen them in over a year (they live up North now). Jason and I will be headed home....CHILDLESS! I am so excited. Jason is not so much. This will be the first time Chase will be away for more than a night and Daddy is having a hard time with it. Rightly so. This is his first baby and I remember when I Austin was just a little older than Chase and he went away it was rough. BUT, I need the break before the new one arrives. Jason and I are going to try to take a quicky trip somewhere, but don't know for sure yet.

Anywho...things might be quiet around here for a few days.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Everyone prepare yourselves for the news that I am about to tell you. This may be hard for you to understand, but it is the way things are.

Be prepared for the possibility that Baby"D" may not have a D name.


I know. Blasphemy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I went in for my normal OB visit today. Let me start by saying that over the last week I have been having a rough time with my moods. It is a total pregnancy/stress related thing, but I hate that unfortunately it comes out in not so great Mommy moments. Anyway...on with what I was saying.

The nurse in my OB's office is fabulous!!! I love her (and my doc too, they are both just amazing). Anyway, she calls me back and notices my three boys sitting in the waiting room and she just stood there and stared for a minute. I thought, "Oh great she is wondering why the chairs are all rearranged and there is what might be a fort in the making." She takes me back, we do the scale thing and the pee in the cup thing.

As she starts to take my blood pressure she says, "Remind me how old your boys are."

"Austin is 7, Brodie will be 5 next month and Chase is 14 months."

She smiled and said, "Those boys just took me back in time. My boys are now 25, 24, and 21 and I remember how hard it was when they were little, but oh oh, I would give anything for one more day of it."

The look in her eye gave me total perspective. Yes, my boys are ROWDY! Yes, my boys are sometimes not that well behaved. And yes, sometimes my boys get on every nerve in my body.

But, someday they will not be so little. Someday I will wish they were driving me up the wall again.

I don't want to blink too many times.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two Years...

I am a day late getting this up.

I love you Jayjay.

Promised Pictures...

Here are some pictures that I stole from Shana's MySpace page from Friday night. I am still trying to figure out why I look so insane and I was the only one not drinking AT ALL!

Monday, July 23, 2007


I should really pay more attention. I took a few pictures this week of my mother in law and her mom after they got their hair done and of the boys getting haircuts. I did not however notice that Chase had accidently changed the setting on my camera to the burst mode. So now all the pictures look like the ones above.


Saturday, July 21, 2007


Sorry about the unannounced disappearance for a few days. Jason's mom and grandmother came for a visit. We had a good time shopping and all that girly stuff. After talking about how my mom and grandmother have both been to see the girl that does both my hair and Kree's we decided (OK, I decided and they went along with it) to make them appointments. I will have to post pictures soon...they looked AWESOME! They both wanted something different and we shook it up a bit. Fun stuff.

Last night Nana and Noni took over the kiddos and Jason and I went out. Yes, gone, don't know when we will be back, out. It was Ms. Shana's birthday party at City Streets in Ft. Worth. Jason and I are not big bar/club people, but it was so nice to get out and just goof off. Me and my preggo belly had to show them all how to throw down on the dance floor (Shana and I would be big in Europe). I actually got stopped three times by girls asking where I got my shirt. I loved telling them "Motherhood Maternity". I will post pictures from the night as soon as I get some from Shana. I didn't feel like carrying around my camera. Happy Birthday Shana, it was a blast.

Oh and Shana....I got my Harry Potter book before I came home :-) You knew I would!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Beached Whale...

That is the look I am apparently going to sport this pregnancy. Beached Whale! I am gaining weight like CRAZY!!! I don't know why either. Not much has changed. I want to say that it is from retaining water due to the humidity, but I don't think I can get by with that. The absolute BEST part about it is that it is all going straight to my ass!! SUPER SWEET!

I slacked off this weekend so now my to do list is about a mile long. I don't regret it of course, but still. Perhaps if I run everywhere today the aforementioned ass problem will be lessened. Times like this I am glad this is my last pregnancy.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Good Advice...

Saw a sign today on my way home from church. It made me laugh. Thought I would pass along the good advice:
"Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."

Friday, July 13, 2007

Original or Extra Crispy?

I FRIED my back yesterday. Oh yes, and my chest. It is very attractive. I hear that extra crispy is all the rage in Milan.

OK, not so much.

It actually didn't rain yesterday so Kristin Kree and I took the boys to the pool/water park thing by our house. It was soooooo fun. The boys had a blast. I was so worried about slathering them up and making sure every inch of them was covered that I kinda neglected myself.


So now I have a lobster back that hurts like hell. Good thing I sleep on my side. Come to think of it, that kinds hurts too.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wide World of Randomness...

* I just found cat throw up containing a half digested snake. @&%)#$&% CATS!

* Chase is cutting molars and he is a TERROR!!!! He is normally not a hard baby, but damn I want to throw him in the trash right now. I know it is not his fault, but OH MY!

* My moods are out of control. This is the only thing (well maybe not the ONLY) about pregnancy that I really dislike. I can be somewhat moody WITHOUT the extra help...thanks!

* I bought a label maker people! And I am not afraid to use it.

* I want to take my kids to the water park/pool down the street, but it NEVER FREAKING STOPS RAINING HERE!!

* The above mentioned rain is not being kind to the preggo. It is hard enough being pregnant during the summer, but with 85% freaking humidity. OOO , maybe I just discovered the culprit leading to my pissy attitude.

* I slipped and fell yesterday. I did this when I was pregnant with Chase too. Same shoes even. These shoes are now in the trash. The rain was to blame as well.

* I am craving Starbucks right now. However, I already had a coke today and I don't need all the caffeine. Damn it!

* Chase has also learned to scream at his brothers in order to get his way. The kid is a tyrant.

* I took some Mommy time on Saturday and went and got my hair done. I could use a little more Mommy time at the moment.

* There was absolutely no point to this blog other than I don't want to do what I need to be doing, but I guess I will go do it anyway.

Monday, July 09, 2007

One of many...

Everyone has something in their lives that they are not real happy with. Something that they are embarrassed about. For some it is a personality trait, others a habit, or it can be something else all together. We all have things in our lives we don't feel in control of. We had things that we don't feel equipped to deal with. For those things in ours lives there is nothing better than finding out someone else struggles with the same things. There is that sigh of relief moment when you realize that you are not weird or different. You are one of many.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sad, but IKEA makes me smile...

I am sad. A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked for my advice on a situation. I have known this person since we were in junior high and I love her dearly. The situation was one that I felt qualified to give some advice on as I have been involved in this situation, though on the flip side of it. Does that make sense? Oh well. Anyway, I found out that she chose to continue down what I see as a self destructive path. I hope I am wrong. Only she knows what is best for her, but I see disaster waiting for her. If she reads this I want her to know I love her, even if I think what she is doing is hurtful not only to herself but to those closest to her who have no choice in the matter. I am here!!

In other news...we went to IKEA after church today. I have mentioned before my deep love for all things IKEA. Today we dropped a pretty good amount of money. We are desperately trying to get renovations (the few we have decided on) done on the downstairs of our house so that we can start on the second floor. We bought new dresser for our bedroom (goodbye stuff I have had since I was five..Jason and I are picky) and a new TV unit for the front living room. We were going to buy a new dining room table as well, but can't decide between two. So we left that for another time. There is still much to do, but it is coming together. IKEA makes me happy!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Parental Theories...

I get a quote of the day thingy every day. This was one of the quotes today:

"Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories." --John Wilmot

I love this! I know this is true for me to. It is always the people without children that have the most "advice" and theories on what makes a good parent. Until you have really done the daily parent thing you have NO clue. And I do mean the in, the late nights, the colds, the tantrums, the broken hearts, the triumphs and all the in betweens.

The more kids I have the less I know and the happier I get as a parent!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Revokation of the Crunchiness

I think the addition of a second SUV gets all my crunchy granola points removed.

Oh well you knew it wouldn't last.

However, notice the recycling bin waiting to be picked up :-)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Cause I have enough Estrogen for us all...

The ultrasound was today and it confirmed what I have felt VERY strongly for the last 2 weeks. We are going to have ANOTHER boy. That makes 4!!! Baby D was growing well (in fact he measured one week bigger than at my ultrasound at 7 weeks) and was very active. My mom, my aunt and all the boys got to see the new one and that was exciting.

If you add my nephew to the mix we could have one kick ass basketball team.