Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Knock Knock...

I don't understand why it is so hard for people to pick up a phone and call before coming over. I am not talking about friends or family(though they should call too). I am talking about all the other people that you have to deal with.
For the past 2 years I have been tracked by the Census Bureau. They randomly picked me and every few months the contact me to update some information etc. The old lady that is in charge of my area NEVER calls and just shows up. (I will post another time about hiding from her)
My landlord is having some work done around our house. We have a large sycamore tree that died before we moved in that is in danger of falling if there is a large enough storm (on our neighbor's roof more than likely). The guy that is supposed to come look at it just showed up even though he wasn't supposed to until in the morning.
I have three kids people. It is not always convenient for me to answer the door. Furthermore, since it is such a huge pet peeve of mine, there is a chance I am going to ignore the door until you call. Also, when home alone with three kids I make it a practice to not answer the door to people I do not know. It is called safety. OK, off my rant now...oh crap the doorbell.

Kidding Around...

Last night was an absolutely GORGEOUS night here in Texas. Mild temperatures (anything below 100 is that for us now) and a nice breeze. After supper we decided to go to the park. Austin and Brodie rode their bikes while Jason and I walked with Chase in the stroller. The park was packed. Everyone out enjoying the wonderful weather. Austin met up with some of his friends from school. I love that he has kids in the neighborhood he knows now. I did a few laps around the park while Jason sat and watched the boys play. Chase loves to be outside and sat and watched the trees and all the other kids. It was wonderful. I am so ready for fall!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Techie Kids...

It is obvious to anyone who knows me that I love me some computer time. This appears to be a trait that Jason and I are passing on to our kids. Computers are a necessity anymore and I can only imagine how much more necessary they will be in 10 years. Start 'em early!!!

And yes, I do need to take out the trash in the office...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Soak Me...

This summer has been unusually hot and dry around the Dallas area. It has gotten so bad that we are under mandatory water restrictions. We are only allowed to water our yards on Wednesday nights. Needless to say, our once gorgeous tree filled, green grass, wild flower area now looks like it is going to spontaneously combust at any moment. So imagine how happy we were to see rain in the forecast...and even MORE ecstatic to see the rain last night.

It rained good and hard last night. After the rain Mojo and I went for a walk. (I adore my dogs but they are two big dogs and if they see a squirrel I am toast...that is why only one got to go) It was lovely, though a little sticky. There is more rain on the way and I think I may go dance in it. My mom told me it only counts if I dance naked. So I guess I will stick to the backyard.

Friday, August 25, 2006

No Princess for This Queen...

Jason and I can not go out in public without hearing, "So when are you going to try for a girl?"

Apparently, having all boys somehow means that you are not a full family yet. Well, let me tell you something, I do the laundry and the dishes around here. We are full. No Vacancies left here.

I do realize that there are many things that I will miss out on by not having a daughter. My mother and I have always been very close. I will never be the mother of the bride. I will never go prom dress shopping. I will probably not be in the delivery room when my grandchildren are born (unless of course my daughter in laws are like me and don't care who is in there). I will never get to tell one of my children that their makeup and clothes make them look like a whore and to march upstairs and change...cause if one of the boys has to be told this I will be out cold on the floor.

However, I am so incredibly blessed to be the mom of three boys. I was told by a woman at church that in all her years as a child therapist she has noticed that the really incredible women are the ones entrusted with boys. Do you know how awesome it was to hear her say that? I do feel like God had a distinct purpose in giving me these little men. I view my job as the mother of boys very seriously. My job is to mold these boys into Godly men.

I know that my house will never be spotless. There will be remnants of toy wars always left out for me to step on at midnight in the dark. There will always be bruises. I will always have band-aids and the phone number to the ER on hand. I will always look at my children as though they have come from another planet. I will always have to guard my makeup from becoming warpaint. I will always have to make sure that I buy lots of bleach for all the stains in underwear (hey it had to be said). There will always be wrestling. There will always be spitting and farting. One day...a day far, far away...I will have to watch them enter the world of dating and have their hearts broken. I will have to help them learn about women. And when that day comes I will cry and contemplate locking them away.

I love my boys and can't imagine having any of them as a girl. They fit me and I feel totally equipped to handle them (most days). I am not a perfect mother, there is no such thing. I do know that God is with me and as long as I seek His guidance in raising these boys I will be just fine.

The biggest bonus to having all boys? I will forever be the Queen of this house! No Princesses may enter my abode. Now go clean your room...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bless me Blogger....

Bless me Blogger for I have sinned. It has been many moons since my last online confession.

I accuse myself of creating a secret blog...of which I have not mentioned.

Now, my dear will always be my #1 blog. I promise to keep you up to date. I promise I will not forget about you. For you are my lovely blog.

So here is the real deal. I was just for fun trying out a new blogger service. While doing so it occurred to me that I censor myself on this blog more than I used to. There are many reasons for this. Now, if you are a long time reader...or someone that I read...or someone that I know in real life please feel free to email me and I will send you a link to my other blog. The other blog, just so you know, is going to be geared towards a very specific part of my life that I do not want *certain* people knowing about. Basically I don't want that journey to take over this blog. This blog is more about my family and me on a day to day basis. So happy blogging!

logger I hope you understand that you and I will still be very close, just know that I am seeing someone on the sly...sorry!

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Things LaShawn believes in...

1. Jesus - His love has proven itself time and time again

2. Love - even when it hurts and when it is hard. The whole love thy enemies thing is my new mission. When I feel the desire to bad mouth them I will instead pray for them. So, if you are one of my so-called enemies (of which I only have 1 or 2) I am praying for you :-)

3. Forgiveness - It has been shown to me and I CHOOSE to forgive others who don't always deserve it. It is freeing!

4. Hugs - They work wonders

5. Caffeine- It works wonders TOO!!!

6. Family - There is nothing more important on this Earth to me than my family

7. Deep Friendships - I do not do the whole casual friends thing well.

8. Laughter - It is a cure-all

9. Music - There is a soundtrack to my life.

10. Blogs - It is cheaper than therapy

11. The Underdog

12. Retail Therapy - I have not used this much lately, but I still say it works.

13. Myself

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shut up Martha!

Martha Stewart I ain't when it comes to housework. Don't get me wrong, my house is not dirty. Cluttered? Yes. Dirty? No. I was reading an article recently in a magazine (I can't remember which one) about a mother who was so OCD about her house that her children literally were like "dolls". What I mean by that is that they were not allowed to play in the house, nor make a mess, nor breathe it sounded like. For example, her daughter came home from school with playdough that the kids had made in art class. The mother promptly made the FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD throw away the offending mess maker. With her daughter in tears over the playdough she called the school and YELLED AT THEM for sending playdough home. Another example, her 12 year old son wanted to play for the soccer team at his school. She would not allow it. Not because he got bad grades or had attitude issues, but because it would mean that he would be dirty and that his clothes might get stained.


This woman makes her children eat with bibs...HER 12 YEAR OLD SON! She mops twice a day. She has a dustbuster in every room. She will not allow her husband to change his clothes unless she is in the room so that she can assure that the clothing gets in the proper color coded laundry basket (Shana, I know you think Brad needs that.).

What do you remember of your mother from your childhood?

I will tell you what I remember. I remember tickle fights, chearleading lessons, singing silly songs, playing games, girl scouts, taking care of the zoo (our backyard), cooking together, laughing together, dancing, playing in the sprinklers.

Yes, we had to clean our rooms. Yes, there were times my mother would not be able to play because there were things to be done. Yes, we had to help around the house. But these aren't the things I remember.

I want my kids to look back on their childhood and remember snake hunting in the backyard, card games, mom in the floor playing power rangers, mom out in the backyard playing soccer, Jason teaching them how to dig for worms and taking the fishing. I have a sign in our house that says,"Excuse the noise and the mess. The kids are busy making happy memories." If that means that my floor only gets mopped once a be it.

Everyone needs one...

Everyone needs an Aunt Kree. Everyone needs someone who cares for you no matter what.

Kristin understands and shares my twisted sense of humor.

Kristin will drop everything at the drop of a hat if I have a need.

Kristin loves my children with a FIERCE love.

Kristin allows me to be me.

Kristin picks me up when I am down.

There are a multitude of other reasons that I love her so much. Everyone needs an aunt like her. She may be my aunt, but she is mostly my friend. She is amazing. Thank you Kree for all you have done for me over the past year. You and Chris are awesome people and we love you!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have been interviewed over at 5 minutes for Mom.

Currently spending lots of time with Brodie. He is feeling a little bummed about Austin being back in school. So, excuse the sparseness of the posts.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Quick Birthday Wrapup...

Click for larger pictures...Blogger is being a #@(&$)!@ and I can't upload directly in.

Brodie wanted a strawberry that is what Mommy made him. It was quite tasty!

Austin and Aunt Kree are very easily amused. They were playing with the name you can probably guess what kind of sound it makes.

Chase and Daddy hang back and watch the craziness.

Austin, being the budding photographer that he is, posed Uncle Chris for this picture. Very artsy!

Chase and Mommy ready for a nap!

It was a GREAT birthday for Brodie. I can not believe he is 4 years old. I am not ready for these little guys to grow up and they are doing it faster than I can take.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hole-y Grin Batman!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Austin's first two teeth are now property of the Tooth Fairy. I promise he doesn't always look so scarey...

New Look

I know I am changing looks really often. The reasoning is simple. I am trying to teach myself HTML and CSS. I am sure this site will change looks often. Hey, I DO have ADD!

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things LaShawn should be doing instead of blogging.

1. Vacuuming the bedrooms

2. Thank you notes (they will be done started tonight)

3. Sorting the rest of the laundry...a never ending task

4. Clearing off the patio...I have no idea how in the world our dogs manage to find these things.

5. Making a dentist appointment

6. Working on my new design...not technically blogging if I am working on the design is it?

7. Emailing people back

8. Painting my toenails

9. Tweezing my eyebrows...they are getting a little hairy

10. Napping. I have only one child with me today and that is the baby. I really should nap since he is.

11. Sorting our pictures into proper folders

12. Cleaning out the closet in the boys room

13. Folding clothes...the basket is staring at me.

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Birthday and the Tooth Fairy...

Brodie turned 4 years old yesterday. I can't believe it. Even though Chase is now here I still can't help but think of Brodie as the baby. He is no baby now. Big man!! We had a great day. We went swimming after Austin got home from school with Aunt Kree and then went out to Blue Goose. I LOVE that my sons love Mexican food....just like their Mama. I will post more pictures and all that this weekend. Brodie wanted to wait until Jason gets home from Oregon to do cake and all that good stuff. So we are having Kree and Chris over on Saturday to celebrate...AGAIN!

Austin also had an exciting day yesterday. He lost his FIRST tooth. This morning he lost his SECOND tooth. He looks adorable with a big whole in his mouth. Just more proof that my babies are growing up. I will post a picture tonight!

Brodie spent the night at Kree's house. They are going shopping and out to lunch today. I should go take advantage and nap with Chase, but there is stuff to be done around the off I go like the little Domestic Goddess I am. (HA!)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A New Day...

I don't know why I picked today. It isn't a Monday. Everyone knows things like this are supposed to start on Mondays. It isn't New Years, Lent or even the beginning of a month. There was no huge crisis to spark dire situations that had me pondering the effects of the thing.

What thing you ask?


It is not an issue of caffeine. (I have three small children, please don't dare ask me to give up caffeine or you may lose an appendage. Yes, I know caffeine is an addiction and that it is a "drug", spare me.) It is an issue of sugar and my water intake. I am not one of these people that is going to sit here and try to convince you that I have no idea why I am carrying around extra weight. I know why, and I dare say my sodas are a big culprit of that. I have been saying that I would give up other things in order to still have my soda, but to be honest...that seems silly. I have not been drinking near enough water either, mostly due to cokes. The time has come. I woke up this morning and decided, enough was enough.

So, starting today I am taking a sabbatical from sodas. I will still have caffeine when needed, just in coffee form. I wanted to put it in writing so that it was out there and public knowledge. Feel free to bitch slap me if you see with a coke.

OH WAIT...Jason leaves tonight for a business trip and will not be back until Friday night...WHAT AM I THINKING??!?! Three kids...three soda. Oh well, too late now. Poor kids. They will surely need therapy!

Monday, August 14, 2006

The House of Funk

The worst part of everyone being under the weather this weekend is the repercussions it has had on the house. This cold has sapped every ounce of energy from my body. Couple that with having three kids and well, things just didn't get done. I spent the weekend trying to keep up with the kids...there was much fighting between the older two and many diaper changes and feeding sessions with the youngest. Jason was busy getting rid of books and such. Today, there is much to be done around the house. There are floors to vacuum, dishes to be cleaned, laundry to be laundered, bathrooms to be cleaned, and a multitude of of other odd jobs. Will they all get done today? Not unless some fairy decides to have pity on me. Jason leaves for Oregon tomorrow on business for the rest of the week, so I will get his laundry done and the dishes done. By the time those two things get done it will be time to pick up Austin and it begin the afternoon of fighting and crying...*sigh* Perhaps tomorrow I will feel better and it will be a more upbeat day.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

3 months

What do you give a child for his 3 month birthday? In our house, apparently a cold. Jason and I have been feeling under the weather for a few days now. Chase is now developing a runny nose and is getting a bit cranky. Austin and Brodie are feeling down too, but I think theirs is more allergies. Fun times to be had around here.

However, we did hit a milestone today. Chase laughed. It wasn't a full on giggle, but it was a laugh and I was so excited.

In other news, we had a productive weekend. In an effort to rid some of the clutter from our attic and garage we sold a ton of books, old CDs and movies. The CDs and movies were no big deal for me. BUT THE BOOKS!!! I hate parting with books. However, I did it. That is a big victory for me! We are also selling a bunch of books and stuff on Amazon. Freeing our house of some of the clutter feels good. Now I just need to find the bottom of the laundry basket. Well all, I am off to nurse Chase and crawl into bed with a few Tylenol PMs....Happy Sunday!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Seriously Messed Up..

I have written before about how I feel about the whole breastfeeding debate going on in this country. It still completely floors me that there is even a debate to be had. I ran across this very interesting post by another mom that is confused about the same topic. It is totally worth the read....go read it now.

I am much more likely to breastfeed in public now with my third than I did with my other two. I have always done it, but with two older ones it is just harder to find a place to nurse. So we generally just do it whereever we are. I do have a nursing cover (a very hip one I might add). Even with the nursing cover completely covering all activity boob related, I STILL get dirty looks. WHAT THE HELL?!?!? I am WAY more covered than 99% of the teenage girls out there.


The theme for Photo Friday for this week is: Four. This one was pretty easy for me. Brodie turns four years old in 4 days. Where did the time go?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things LaShawnHas Been Thinking About

1. I am melting. Seriously, I feel like I am living back in Vegas with this heat. Ugh.

2. Am I going to go to nursing school or am I going to go another route?

3. What route as far as schooling and career would be best for my whole family? I
can do what I want, but what impact will that have on the kids.

4. Why won't the dishes do themselves?

5. I really need a new pair of jeans. Do I get the cool new ones from Old Navy that look really good on me and have extra money for a shirt and some other stuff or do I go ahead and get the more expensive jeans that look even better on me?

6. How did Cheeto dust get on my keyboard? (I know the answer, but the wee one responsible doesn't KNOW I know)

7. I really want to do something new with my hair, but I do not know what that something is.

8. Can you actually make good money as a web designer?

9. I really want some good Mexican food.

10. Why can't people mind their own business when it comes to parenting? My friend had an encounter recently that just brought this up. Seriously, parenting is hard enough without stupid people butting in.

11. I should really start snooping around the web for cheap software that I need.

12. I don't want to know what Austin and Brodie are doing. All I know is they were giggling and now it is REALLY quiet.

13. I really wish Chase would poop. (It has been 2 days...curious)

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Can't Take It

Why can't kids listen? I have told this child over and over again....STOP GROWING UP! Does he listen? NO! He just keeps getting bigger and smarter. You would think as his mom I could control this, but I seem to be powerless.

Austin started 1st grade today. YES, I said it. We no longer use letters to describe his grade. We have moved on to numbers. Here was the shocker for me. This has been harder on my emotions than when he started Kindergarten. I can't explain why. I just have been very emotional about him starting back. I cried today....many times.

The good news...the transition to the new school seems to have gone perfectly. He had a good day and was ecstatic to report that he gets a locker this year. Very grown up indeed.

Next year I will have TWO in school.....there will need to be medical assistance on hand that day...I can't take it.

Getting to know you...

I set up a new about me "thingy". Learn about me in 20 easy steps...check it out.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


A thought to ponder...

"Those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself."
~Richard Nixon

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blog Chicks Carnival

My first carnival...I am so excited. Here goes...

The Theme is "What I love about blogging..."

This is a subject that I could go on and on and on and on about. So I had to narrow it down children don't want to let me have much time at the moment.

Blogging for me started at a time when I was very unhappy. I started off anonymously in order to just have a place to vent my feelings. It was just before my ex-husband and I separated and my life was in a bit of turmoil. My blog was the only place I felt like I could just talk. Since going public with my blog (especially once it went public to family and friends) it has served two purposes. The first is just a place for me to vent...still. I need to vent sometimes. It is also a way to stay connected with friends and family. We now live several hours away from most of our family. This way everyone can see pictures and hear stories about the kids a little more often.

The most surprising thing for me about blogging is the community involved. There are blogs that I read that I truly feel connected to their authors. My "reads" section in the sidebar is in terrible need of a update, but I read probably close to 20 different blogs a day. I have "met" women like Beckie who just inspire me by being who they are. I am so excited to see where this adventure takes me. So you ask, what do I love about blogging? EVERYTHING!!!!

Wanna play? Go here and find out how. This week it is open to all women.

Rolly Polly

Chase is now a Rolly Polly. I had him on his tummy yesterday and left the room for a moment to help the other two boys with a computer game. When I returned Chase was on his back. Much excitement and high pitched praises followed. I had to see it for myself of course, so I but him back on his tummy and watched him until he did it again. Austin and Brodie were extremely excited. They think their brother is now a genius....which of course he is. My first thought after calling Jason was, "I need to blog about this." But I controlled myself in order that the important folks (ie grandparents, aunts and such) could be notified. Don't want to hurt anyone's feelers.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Feast #2


Name an actor or actress you think is totally underappreciated.

Jason Lee: Before he landed the "My Name is Earl" role, I think he was seen as just another character actor...but he is more talented than that.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Impress us by using a big word in a sentence.

My predilection for all things girly could cause major problems one day.


What is something inanimate that you've given a name to (such as a pet rock)?

My brother's pickup in high school was called "The Rice Rocket" (it was a silver Issuzu pickup)

Main Course

What color would best represent your personality and why?

Orange....I thought about this one long and hard. Orange is a bold, bright color, but it can also be very mellow. That is pretty much me.


Fill in the blanks: ____________ is so ____________.

Dieting is so HARD!

How Much?!?

So we got our water bill in the mail the other day. Before I tell you all how much it was you better sit down. No, seriously, sit. Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you...


I told you to sit down. Get up.

I seriously thought Jason was going to have a coronary (not a canary) right in front of me. We knew something had to be wrong. We are under mandatory drought restrictions and can only water our yard once a week. How could this be?

After some investigating we found a MAJOR leak underground. I sat all day yesterday with no water waiting on the plumber. Oh, sure we could have left the water on until he got here, but it would have cost us.

So, like I said we had no water yesterday. I told the boys that the toilets would not flush so they needed to let me know if they had to do anything other than #1. They eventually took to peeing in the backyard. Hey, I never said we weren't rednecks. This worked until about noon. That was when Austin made his announcement (Austin is my dramatic one...keep that in mind)

Austin: "Mom, we have a slight problem"

Me: "And what would that be?"

Austin: "Brodie needs to poop."

Me: "Tell him he can't....there will be no pooping today."

Austin: (in terrified voice on the verge of tears) "BUT MOM WE WILL BLOW UP"

Me: "Austin, chill. I am kidding. Tell him to go, but he can't flush."

What followed that can only be described as a Poop-a-thon. Brodie and Austin NEVER need to go that much....until we have no water. Oh and did I mention I couldn't get the cover off the water meter to turn the water on to flush? There were many candles lit in was gross.

Everything is fixed and running smoothly now. And do they need to poop today? Oh of course not silly!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It Is Official...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am a Blogging Chick!

Check out the Blogging Chicks blogroll to the right under READS!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

It's that time again (yes, I realize I am posting this Wednesday night...gimme a break...I have three kids):

Thirteen Things You Will Never Hear LaShawn Say:

1. No, Honey, don't buy me ANOTHER Coach purse.

2. I'll have a Diet Coke...

3. More Laundry?!?!? YIPEE!

4. That's OK. I don't need to use the computer today.

5. I need more drama in my life.

6. I have enough hair and makeup products.

7. People in Dallas drive so awesome.

8. I wish the heat of summer would last year round.

9. I have too many pairs of boots and flip flops.

10. Do these jeans make my ass look too small?

11. Bill Clinton was the best president ever.

12. Being a stay at home mom is SOOOOO easy.

13. Who needs chocolate?

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I am alive!

I promise I am alive. We have had company ever since we got back from the coast. Jason's mom was here until Saturday night and then my mom got here Sunday. My mom was in town to do some shopping for school clothes (she is a teacher) and to get her hair done. She is now on her way back to Lubbock. I have some great posts written in my head, but have not had the time to sit and write them. Hopefully in the next few days I will find some time to sit and get at least one written. Right now a baby calls....