Sunday, April 30, 2006

shower weekend

We had a really great, yet busy weekend. Austin's last soccer game of the season was Saturday. As you can see he got his trophy and thought it was so cool that it was different than last season's. Jason and I have started discussing possibly getting a zone change from the Plano ISD to keep Austin in Alderidge next year. He has friends there already and he can still play with his same soccer team next season. Plus, his coach may possibly put together a baseball team from Alderidge. We would most certainly love to play for that team. Mark is a great coach in that he is more worried about the kids having fun than anything else. BUT, he also wants them to learn the game and play hard. We will see how it goes.

Saturday night I went to Grapevine and met the beautiful, Shana and her friend Robin for a girls' night out dinner. Yummy food and so nice to get out for a while. Thank you girls for inviting me and for the baby loot. Robin, it was so great to finally meet you.

Today we had church. Our Sunday School class threw us a diapers and wipes shower. First off, what a wonderful idea. Diapers and wipes, the two things EVERY new parent needs. I posted a picture of some of our presents. So awesome. Also, once little Mr. Chase makes his arrival the class will bring us meals three times a week for two weeks. So wonderful and such a blessing. Thank you guys!

All this afternoon the boys played outside. Jason bought them both baseball gloves and worked with them on how to play catch. As you can see, Cloe is all tuckered out from the busy day. Her and I have called a truce for the time being.

Well all I am off to put my feet up. It is what I am supposed to be doing in the evenings. My feet are SWOLLEN...look like sausages.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Stop it

It is 430 in the morning...I am obviously not sleeping, nor have a been for quite some time. I finally got tired of lying there tossing and turning. For about the last hour I have been thinking about all of those things that irritate me about how other people conduct day to day life. No one is perfect. Everyone of us does things out of our own need to feel more important than the next guy. However, some people live their lives in a way that is consistently narrow minded on their own needs and not on others. Here are some of the things I am talking about.

If you weave in and out of traffic with no regard to other people's safety because you need to be the first one to have to stop at the redlight...stop it. Your time is no more valuable than mine. If you are in that big of a hurry maybe you should have left earlier for your destination. This to me is just an arrogance on people's part. Quit thinking that whatever you are going to do is more important than everyone else.

If someone takes the time to email you a question or concern, take the time to email them back within a reasonable amount of time. Obviously, they thought the subject important enough to email you about in the first place. If you have no answer to their question, at least acknowledge that you have received their request.

Stop complaining about how busy your life is. Especially if this is your excuse for not doing something or not getting back to someone. Life is busy. It is just a fact of life today. For the most part we CHOOSE our busy lifestyles. If you have chosen a profession in which you must work funky hours do not complain to me about your schedule. I didn't choose it for you. I am not talking about venting to your friend about a particularly bad week in which you feel out of control. We all have those and need to vent. However, if you consistently can not get back to people or make plans more than two seconds in advance due to your "busy" schedule that is not MY problem. It is yours. If it is really that big of an issue for you perhaps you need to do something to alleviate the situation.

On somewhat of the same subject...stop assuming that busy equals important. Just because you work crazy hours does not make you a superhero. If you think it does let me buy you a cape and call the nut house for you. I don't know when people starting deciding that working long hours earned them some sort of free ride to martyrdom. Parents, stop putting your job before your kids. If you really think driving a new car vs. a used car is worth missing out on your kids childhood then you have bigger issues than I can deal with.

The amount of degrees on your wall does not equal your importance nor does it equal your intelligence. In fact in some cases, it may point to your lack thereof.

Your parents success in no way makes you a better person. This is the "Paris Hilton Syndrome" of our society. Your parents' successes are their own. While it is perfectly acceptable to be proud of them, it is not acceptable to think that it somehow makes you a more important individual. This especially seems to be a problem with females. Girls, I don't care who your daddy is. It doesn't make a damn to me....really it doesn't make a damn to anyone else either.

If you can not take responsibility for your own actions and mistakes, you have no business spouting off how someone else has done you wrong. We all do things in life that are stupid and reckless. Most of the time it is in a fit of self importance or self pity. However, take responsibility for it and move on.

Stop playing the victim. Your problems can not POSSIBLY always be someone else's fault. Take responsibility for your life. You are where you are mostly by choices made on your own. If someone did you wrong, get over it. Forgive, move on. Holding on to crap that happened 5 years ago is stupid. If that person does not acknowledge their wrong doing, forgive them anyway. Don't let them hold power over you through it. If you "can't" forgive then you deserve to be miserable in your own self pity, but don't expect me to join in with you.

If you make plans to meet someone at 1:00, be there at 1:00 or BEFORE!!! This is my biggest pet peeve in life. Your time is not more valuable than mine. Why should I have to wait around for you? I am not, of course, talking about the once in a blue moon kind of late. We all have days when things just won't cooperate. On those days, pick up a phone and call the other person saying you will be late, even if it is just 5 minutes late. Do you know what I could accomplish with 5 minutes sometimes? If you are habitually late, KNOCK IT THE F&#$ OFF! Even if you swear up and down that it isn't because you feel more important, it is. Somewhere deep down you feel like the world should wait on you. Here is a clue for all you airhead girls who like to be "fashionably late" is rude. No one likes a rude girl....STOP IT!

Teenagers....StOp TyPIng N WeIrD wAyZ! While it is not really selfish...IT IS ANNOYING!

This rant could go on forever. Of course, I am completely guilty of many of these things from time to time. HOWEVER, I acknowledge it for what it is when I do it...selfishness.

*Off Soapbox*

Friday, April 28, 2006


There's storms all over the place here tonight. We are under a tornado watch. We have golfball to softball size hail also headed this way. Jason is currently out in the garage trying to rearrange to fit my car in. Of course the Camaro can't be out in the elements so it is always in the garage (Jason's beloved LS1 Z28). The problem is two fold where my car is concerned. The first problem is we have two extra couches that we store in the garage. I don't know why we have yet to sell them as they are in excellent condition. Plus, I drive an Expedition. Not exactly a small vehicle to fit in. We shall see how successful he is in his venture. Have a safe night everyone!

***Update*** Jason was successful. I knew he could do it :-)

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I have been feeling pretty good today. Brodie and I spent much of our day out and about at the resale shops. We also made stops at Target and Babies R Us. After we got Austin from school, we decided that the weather was too nice to come home. We went to the park to play for a while. Mommy sat on the bench and read and the boys played. The park is always an interesting experience. I have noticed a trend in some of the moms at the park. When did we stop letting kids be kids? Let me clarify what I mean. This mom pulled up and promptly unloaded her 3 kids from the car. They walked over to the empty bench and sat down. The mother then said these words to the kids (none of which could have been over 5), "First we are going to swing. Then we are going to go over to the slide and we will each slide down 5 times. After that it will be time to go home." Excuse me? Isn't the whole point of bringing your kids to the park to let them play and run and make stuff up. As this lady was doing this one of my kids was hanging upside down on the slide making monkey noises and the other was under the playground making imaginary food for people. Now while this mom was the extreme of what I mean, a lot of moms do the same thing just in a milder version. They direct their kids while they play. "NoNo, let's not swing, let's go down the slide. Let's not play in the dirt you will get dirty". LET THEM BE KIDS DAMMIT.

OK, well I am having Mexican food tonight. Jason is taking me to Blue Goose so I may gorge myself one more time before Chase arrives. I don't think I will be up for taking three kids out to eat for a few weeks til I get into a routine.


I don't really have much to say right now, but I am excited enough about one thing that I need to post. I got 3 1/2 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep last night. Yes, that is extremely exciting for a woman that is 9 months pregnant and has two kids 6 and under. This is an amazing feat. I expect the people from "Ripley's Believe It or Not" to be contacting me shortly. Oatmeal is ready, I am being a good girl today and having breakfast. Have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, while I didn't get the news I was hoping for at the doctor today, I did get encouraging news. I am now 2 cm dilated and softened. She feels like the bloody show I was having was pooled blood that was pushed out from my last exam. So progress in the right direction. I, of course, was hoping to hear, "WOW, you need to go to the hospital right now, this kid is going to fall out." Believe me, I knew better, but a girl can dream. Austin and Brodie are just ready for this kid to be born. Brodie asks EVERY morning if it is the day. The one thing I can tell him with certainty is, "We are getting closer". For now that appeases him. So now, I am going to try to concentrate on letting my body do its thing. I am feeling a little more energetic this afternoon so I am going to make lasagna for supper and a batch of brownies for my hubby. Have I mentioned how great he has been? He does make me laugh....and some of the time I don't want to laugh at what he says, but it is too funny not to. Thank you, Baby, for keeping my spirits up.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Still here

Still here....still pregnant. This is the part of pregnancy every pregnant woman dreads. Being that it is my third child, I know the end is near. I can tell. However, it is frustrating waiting. Things have stalled out today. Pretty much nothing to report other than some twinges every now and again. I go for my weekly checkup tomorrow morning so hopefully she can shed some light on if any progress has been made this week. I have been walking a lot and trying to stay hydrated. That is about all I can do. Austin has his last soccer practice of the season tonight with his final game being on Saturday. The plan is to walk while they practice.

Jason has been taking his life into his own hands by trying to keep my sense of humor going. He is doing a really good job. I get about 10 IM's a day saying, "Can you have the kid already I want to leave work." Yes, Honey, I will get right on that for ya. Honestly, he and Shana have been my life lines this week. Shana is always great for some good pregnant woman bitching sessions as well as making me laugh hysterically. Jason has been great. He has picked up more stuff around the house and started to take on more with the boys. He is also being hilarious. He is always hilarious, but he is being even more so than normal. One of the biggest laughs of the week was talking to my dad while they were down at the coast. He had already had a few and was making me laugh because he thought he was making a lot of sense. Thank you Daddy for not making sense when I needed it! I will call Omar the Plug Maker as soon as I locate his number.

I never did mention, but Shana reminded me...we will have internet access at the hospital so hopefully we will have pictures up quickly as well as updates on our progress. Not much longer. Even if I go all the way to due date we are at most 2 weeks away. I really don't think I will make it that long.

Monday, April 24, 2006


*Warning...this post from here on out could contain potentially disturbing language that may not be suitable for those with issues involving pregnancy and/or bodies. You have been warned*

Well, things are changing. While I am unfortunately not IN labor, we are getting closer. I started having some bloody show last night along with a few contractions. They stalled out around 930 and we went to bed. More of the same today. I went and walked this morning trying to get something started. I am definitely carrying him lower today. So, everyone be praying for speedy delivery as I am ready. We all are. I know that it could still be a week or more, but I really feel like it will be sooner. I have been wrong never know when dealing with nature. I want to feel some pain, at least then I would know we were really moving. For now, we wait.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oh lordy`

My friend Amber posted these in her MySpace pictures. CLASSIC! The first picture is from our 8th grade dance. I lovingly refer to this as my "bitchy" year. The second picture was from 7th grade. It was taken at my friend, Shannon's Bat Mitzvah. I got a good laugh from these and had to share! Can you tell that plaid and white jeans were in at this time (around 1992-1993)?

Friday, April 21, 2006

37 weeks

Here is me at 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. Sleep is now non-exsistent. But, then again it will be even more so once Chase is born. Brodie is now beyond impatient about the baby coming. Every morning, "Mom, is it time to get the baby out?" It is hard to explain to a 3 year old that you don't know when the baby will be born. Austin understands more, but is just as excited. I know I am getting closer because I am MOOOOOODY!!! Everything is irritating. That is one of the reasons I have not posted a lot lately. I don't want to remember the last few weeks of this pregnancy as a time that I couldn't get a grip on myself. I know Jason is ready for me to have this kid. He wants his wife back!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Well, we went to the doctor today. I got the news I was hoping to hear. My cervix is starting to change. I am 1 cm dilated. It is still thick and posterior, but making changes. That is all I needed to hear today. I just want to know that I am making changes. Since I have not been sleeping well at all due to pregnancy and Brodie being sick, Jason took off early today and came home at 1 pm. He worked from home so that I could lay down and close the bedroom door and rest without interruption. I took advantage of that. I slept off and on for a few hours. It was lovely. I know I am not going to get many more chances to nap so I take them as they come.

Other than that it has been a pretty uneventful day. Thank you to all of those who contacted me asking about Brodie. He is doing fine. His ear still hurts, but the medicine is starting to help and he is much more comfortable.

So everyone keep sending "dilation" thoughts my way. I would be just peachy to have this baby any time now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sick Brodie

I hate when my kids are sick. As a mom I think that is one of the hardest things. I feel so out of control when it happens. I know he has an ear infection and I hate that it hurts him. It makes me want to cry. He has a doctor's appointment this afternoon. What else can I do? He was basically up all night last night. There was not an hour that past that he did not wake up crying. He crashed back out for about 45 minutes this morning and I took advantage and did too. Last night in between trips to his room to calm him back down I was having some major Braxton Hicks contractions. Just another reminder that Chase will be here soon. I told Jason is would fit in with my luck lately that Chase would make his arrival while Brodie was screaming his head off last night. But, no labor. We are trying out a new doctor today. We had a great family practice doctor that Jason and the boys were seeing here, but they moved their offices to Frisco. That is a little far to drive every time we need to see a doctor. So, this will be the trial run for this doctor. This one is really close and if it works out will be the doctor to come to the hospital when Chase is born.

Brodie is screaming again, time for more Tylenol. Hope you are all having a better day than my little man.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Ours was great, though HOT! I can't say I am happy about the fact that it made it to 100 here yesterday. It is only April.

Saturday afternoon we made our way to Burleson. Shana's parents, Neal and Jana, live there and we went to spend the evening with them. It was so great to spend time with them. As always, the boys all had fun playing together. Very few arguments to resolve....a Mom can be proud of little things. They played on the slip and slide. Three little boys giggling is just music to my ears. We went to church with them that evening. I love visiting other people's churches. It is always interesting to me. I love the idea of Saturday night services. I would love for our church to start one. We then went back to the house and pigged out. What else do you expect from two VERY pregnant women? For those of you that are wondering about how big we are in the picture...Shana is due June 20 with Miss Shayden, I am due May 10 with Mr Chase. This is actually the second time Shana and I have been pregnant together. Her son, Bishop, is only 2 months younger than Brodie. This time, however, we are close enough to each other to enjoy it. Well, I am not sure we are really ENJOYING all that goes with pregnancy at this point, but you get the point. We stayed at Neal and Jana's until the boys were so tired that we had to leave to avoid any further whining. Thanks Shana for inviting us out, we had a blast.

Sunday we had a family day. We hung around the house all day. Of course, we colored Easter eggs and had an egg hunt out in the backyard. Jason was hiding eggs and the boys kept trying to cheat and look. It was a funny sight to see. We cooked out on the grill and ate out back. The boys played in the sprinkler until the yard was so wet it was mush. It was a very good day.

We had a rough night last night, however. Brodie has developed an ear ache and is not feeling so hot. So he and I will be taking a veg out day today.

I had an Easter post related to a lot of things. One of which being that it has now been 3 years since I became a Christian. I had "dated" Jesus a lot in the years leading up to 2003, but that is when I made the final leap. Easter is a very special time for me. The reason I am not posting my post about it is because I wrote it when I was in a very bad mood. The majority of the post was about "Bunny Christians". I have decided that it wasn't a good post to put up and that I am choosing to be glad that the people who only show up to church on holidays show up at all. Maybe one of these holidays something will click with them. I will concentrate my efforts on praying to that end instead of being judgmental....which is how it should be (however, hard sometimes).

We missed all of our family in Lubbock over the weekend. See you all soon. Chase should be here in a few weeks time (Mom is READY!!!!)

To see all the pictures from this weekend go here.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


We decided to go to the park this morning before it got blazing hot. We took some pictures of the boys. They would have been better, but the wind is blowing about a gabillion miles an hour and it is hard to not squint when it is blowing like that. You can see more by clicking here.

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 14, 2006


This is my BEAUTIFUL nephew, Cason. I can not tell you all how much it KILLS me to not get to see this child very often. I want to squeeze and poke on him. OK, I am crying now.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I have noticed that when my bathrooms and kitchen smell like bleach they feel a lot cleaner. There was no real point to this, just wanted to share.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


***DISCLAIMER: This post is written by a woman who is 9 months pregnant and sleep deprived. This woman is also incredibly politically incorrect and if you find offense in anything she says, you are more than welcome to curse under your breathe and get over it***

Early this morning I was having trouble getting comfortable and decided to go ahead and get up before I drove my husband crazy tossing and turning. I got onto one of the baby sites that I read and after a few clicks read an article that has me fuming. I won't link the article because I think the author is a quack and refuse to give publicity to her insane rantings. My insane rantings are the only thing publicized here. The article centered on the breast vs. bottle feeding debate. Any woman who has been pregnant knows that this is one of the most heated debates revolving around child rearing. It is right up there with spanking vs not and circumcision vs. not. To summarize the author of the articles view (this is totally my paraphrase of what she said): Breastfeeding mothers are all part of a cult in which they look down upon those mothers that use bottles. Breastfeeding mothers do not have brains. Breastfeeding mothers are so wrapped up in their children that they breastfeed in order to be able to control every aspect of their young child's life and to block the father from having bonding experiences with their child. Breastfeeding mothers are granola eating, birkenstock wearing, hippie women. They only breastfeed for their own gain.

Anyone who knows me knows that I completely and totally support any woman's decision on this issue....either way. I do not think how you choose to feed your child has bearing on how much you love that child, unless of course you are choosing to NOT feed your child either formula or breastmilk. I think "Bottle Moms" are just as loving and caring as "Boob Moms". I am not a member of the Le Leche League because I think their tactics stink at times. Many members of that organization make it their practice to make other mothers feel like less of a mom because they choose the formula route. This HORRIFIES me. However, why is it now ok to attack those mothers that are quietly, after careful thought and consideration, choosing to breastfeed their children???

This is not just an issue with is an issue with Americans today. Everyone has an opinion, but when called on it they can't back it up. I can back up my decision to breastfeed....rather well.

While pregnant with my oldest son, Austin, I began to think about this. I originally had the typical woman's thought pattern on this. "Well, I guess I can TRY to breastfeed". I decided that I really needed to do some more research. My own mother did breastfeed, but I really had very little exposure to breastfeeding. I read several books on the subject and decided that given all of the benefits that *I* saw that I would be breastfeeding. It was an absolute, no try about it. I prepared by reading and by realizing that breastfeeding IS NOT EASY!!!!! It just isn't. It isn't all that natural anymore (a lot of this comes from our bombardment with formula and bottles in our culture). When Austin was born their were complications and I ended up with a C-section. I did not get to hold my son until he was 5 hours old. This wasn't the way I wanted to start out. Breastfeeding started off HORRIBLE. Once home from the hospital things only got worse. To make a long and tearful story short I ended up in the ER when Austin was only a few days old with mastitis in both breasts. The ER doctor told me, this is where most women stop breastfeeding. In my mind that was not an option. Luckily the hospital at the Marine Corps base I lived on at the time had a wonderful Lactation Consultant (if you plan on breastfeeding find you one of these people BEFORE the birth of your child). After a few days more of torture and having to literally break open milk ducts (sounds pleasant right?) Austin and I got the hang of the whole deal. Things went MUCH smoother with Brodie as I knew what I was doing.

I tell this story only because I want to illustrate that I did not breastfeed merely for myself. Don't get me wrong, their were wonderful benefits for me. I was hellbent on breastfeeding because I thought and still do that I wanted to give my child the benefits that I saw. As for the bonding issue with the fathers, when did we get the notion that the only way to bond with our children is through food? That is all I will say on that subject because this to me is a scapegoat reason for people who feel guilty about their choice.

My point in all of this is that whatever your choice in feeding your newborn...OWN IT! If you choose to bottlefeed then do so. There is no need to come up with a million excuses as to why you don't want to breastfeed. That is YOUR child and YOUR choice. No one has the right to make you feel guilty about your choice. If asked about your decision all you have to say is, "I decided that this was the right thing for our family." And leave it at that. If someone chooses to judge you, then that is their own superiority issue. Be like my friend Shana...say, "I don't do the boob thing"...amen sister. No further explanation needed. I am tired of hearing women who choose formula say "Well I tried to breastfeed for a day and I just couldn't do it. I am just one of those that can't". Sorry, that doesn't fly. Own the fact that you just didn't want to. It is FINE. Just own it. 95% of woman CAN breastfeed if they choose. That is just fact. (I, of couse, am only talking about healthy newborns born with no complications.)

However, it is NOT ok for formula moms to make breast moms feel bad either. I will breastfeed my child in public. I will not however flash you. If it makes you uncomfortable to hear slurping behind the blanket draped across my chest, MOVE AWAY. I will not retreat to a bathroom to feed my child. Do you go to the bathroom to give your child a bottle? Do you eat your hamburger while sitting on the toilet? I will not be made to feel like I am some sort of sicko because I breastfeed and enjoy it. I enjoy the experience of it. God put the boobs on my chest for a reason. It is not wrong or sick. It is MY CHOICE.

I can defend my choice....can you?

*I will now step down from my soapbox*

Monday, April 10, 2006


The boys painted some pictures for Chase's nursery this weekend. Austin painted a fence with an Alaskan Bull Worm (Spongebob reference). The sky has many colors in it because the bull worm changed the sky from digging up so much dirt. Brodie kept changing what it was that he was painting. It is very abstract.


I bet ya'll didn't know that I was married to a monkey, did you? Jason will do anything to make the boys laugh. Even climb a tree that's branches are much to small to support his weight. They spent all weekend out back playing.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Well, Spring has officially sprung in North Texas. I couldn't hold out any longer and had to plant SOME plants. However, only one container out front. Jason got off at noon today and we spent the afternoon outside doing some yard stuff. The boys are currently getting cleaned off from their afternoon of yard work with Jason....they are running through the sprinklers. Would it be "proper" for a woman who is 9 months pregnant to join them???

Thursday, April 06, 2006

OK, so I have blogged before about how I feel about Kanye West. I admit, I like the song "Gold Digga"...HOWEVER, he is an idiot. Well wouldn't you know it that my FAVORITE new show is Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central and he spoofed Kanye. Jason and I saw it on the other night and I died laughing. I love Carlos should all check him out. Enjoy the video :-)

Baby preparing

I so badly want to post something other than yet another boring post, but I have nothing of interest to say. My life the last few days has been our normal busy. It is the busy time of month at work, so Jason has been working later than normal. We had soccer practice which the other moms gave Jason a round of applause for how he handled the jerk of a coach at the last game.

Really I am focusing lately on getting ready for Chase's arrival. I am not nesting really...I am just not the nesting type. Just getting some things in order. We are pretty laid back about this kid. I realize after doing it twice before that I do not NEED much for when he comes home. I washed all his clothes, blankets, sheets and such yesterday. My mom sent a care package filled with things I needed still...THANK YOU MOMMY! If Chase were born today we would be ready...just have to make a pitstop for diapers. We are not doing the nursery yet since we will be having a shower this summer for Chase. The bassinet is stocked. All I lack is a some shelves for the nursery. I feel an IKEA visit coming on. HMMMM...

The boys are very ready for their brother to be here. They ask everyday if it is time to get the baby out. Austin has to pat my stomach several times a day and ask how the baby is. Brodie talks to Chase through my stomach. I can tell I am nearing the end as I am incredibly uncomfortable. I can't find a position that doesn't put pressure somehow in the wrong spot. Poor Jason...I know I must be a nightmare to deal with right now. You wouldn't know it if you talk to him. He has been really good considering this is his first go round with the whole preggo wife. Most men aren't this good in the second and third time at this.

Hopefully something exciting will pop into my head today so that I can blog about more than my pregnant self....have a good Thursday all.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Reason #1,275,845,993 That I Love My Husband:

I got a pretty bad papercut today. No big deal, but it wouldn't stop bleeding. I thought it was funny (in ridiculous sort of way) that the only band-aids we have in the house are Spongebob Squarepants. So I said to him, "Hey Honey, I cut my finger and I had to use a Spongebob band-aid."

Without missing a beat Jason said, "COOL, now you can glow in the dark."

There are 37 days left until my due date......that kinda threw me for a loop.


I wish I could say that our weekend was productive...well maybe it was a little. Saturday was of course soccer day. The soccer game was very interesting. First, and most importantly, Austin played GREAT. Austin is not the best on his team. He loves to play, but he just doesn't have the coordination thing down yet. That and he is a kid who is so worried about everyone liking him that he is sometimes afraid to get into the mix. That is what we are working on, being aggresive. He is going to make a GREAT baseball player someday, but we wanted to build his confidence in a little less technical of a sport first. Saturday he blocked several kicks and was really trying to be aggressive. I was sooooo proud (I am always proud of him). Our great game was dampered a little bit by the idiot that was coaching the other team. After a disagreement with the ref over a call (which is just ridiculous in a Kindergarten game where we are not keeping score) the other coach decided it would be ok to tell another coach that OUR coach was a "fag". Now, had he whispered this out of earshot of children this would have been fine. Whatever, be a dumbass. BUT...he said it clear as day in front of his team consisting of 5 and 6 year olds AND in front of my 3 year old son. Oh hell no. So I said, "Hey, there is no need to talk like that in front of other people's children. This is a Kindergarten game, I think you need to keep that in mind." Well, apparently he is an even bigger idiot than I thought. He told me to, "Shut Up." Before I could even process what he had said Jason was out of his chair. Now granted, Jason was keeping in mind that there were kids watching, but he was also making his point. So after a brief word with the other coach all was back to normal. Jason is extremely protective of both myself and the boys. I already knew that. However, I have never gotten to see that side of him. He is a pretty quiet person and doesn't really have much of a temper (if anyone knows my past situation you can see why this trait was important to me). I have always said that I dare someone to say a cross word to either myself or the boys in front of Jason....I guess I was right.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Brad, Shana and Bishop. It was so nice to get to just hang out with them and chat. Jason had really never been around them, so I was glad that everyone got acquainted. Sunday the boys all spent the day outside working on the yard. We went and bought new patio furniture (I love Target), so Jason got that all put together. I have been fighting the urge to plant flowers. I am afraid we are going to get more bad weather. So I am waiting until at least mid-April (or that is the plan, we will see if I can hold out). Sunday afternoon Austin and I worked on a project for school while Brodie and Jason napped (hence the picture of Jason and the dogs). I guess we did get some things accomplished.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Austin the photographer

Jason let Austin have free reign of the camera for a while this weekend. Here are two of his pictures. Austin loves to take pictures on interesting angles. He really does take some great pictures. It is a fun way to see how kids see the world.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

BArney and Betty

As if I was not jealous enough of my mom. Everyone meet the newest member of the family....Betty. Barney now has a sister.