Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday and the Tooth Fairy...

Brodie turned 4 years old yesterday. I can't believe it. Even though Chase is now here I still can't help but think of Brodie as the baby. He is no baby now. Big man!! We had a great day. We went swimming after Austin got home from school with Aunt Kree and then went out to Blue Goose. I LOVE that my sons love Mexican food....just like their Mama. I will post more pictures and all that this weekend. Brodie wanted to wait until Jason gets home from Oregon to do cake and all that good stuff. So we are having Kree and Chris over on Saturday to celebrate...AGAIN!

Austin also had an exciting day yesterday. He lost his FIRST tooth. This morning he lost his SECOND tooth. He looks adorable with a big whole in his mouth. Just more proof that my babies are growing up. I will post a picture tonight!

Brodie spent the night at Kree's house. They are going shopping and out to lunch today. I should go take advantage and nap with Chase, but there is stuff to be done around the off I go like the little Domestic Goddess I am. (HA!)