Monday, January 30, 2006

This is an actual conversation that I just had with Austin, the kid cracks me up:
Austin: MOM, I got an idea!
Mom: That is dangerous
A: No, seriously. I could get some drums and practice at home and I could be in a band.
M: A band huh? Like a rock band or a polka band?
A: What is polka?
M: Polka sucks, forget I said that.
A: I wish I could play drums AND the guitar at the same time.
M: We would be rich if you could.
A: What should I wear in my band?
M: Clothes I hope.
A: Yeah, like should I wear my rock and roll know the black one that is all (insert Austin's badass rocker face here). Or should I wear black BANDIT clothes? (Brodie and Austin are obsessed with the word bandit right now)
M: Personally, I like bandit clothes. It is one else is doing it.
A: Yeah and Brodie could play in the band too.
M: Sounds like you got this figured out.
A: Yep, I'm just smartMom.
M: I never doubted you for a minute.
A: I would need to learn how to drive.
M: Drive? Why?
A: Cause I would need to drive to my shows. Rock stars moms don't take them to the shows.
M: What if I want to come?
A: Jason can bring you.
M: Jason could manage you guys
A: Jason is going to play in the band too, Mom. ( you know he wanted to say DUH)
M: *silent stare*
A: Spongebob was in a rock band once.
M: I think that was marching band.
A: Yeah, but they rocked the bubble bowl.
M: That they did. You going to rock the bubble bowl?
A: I can't live underwater
M: You could get a helmet like Sandy.
A: YEAH! I'm going outside to play band with Brodie now.
And now all I hear is some very crazy sounding "musical" sounds coming from the backyard.
He kills me! Sometimes he can be just a pain in the rear and then other times he cracks me up!

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Oh, how I miss the days when I would gag down some NyQuil and drift off to sleep (you should always take NyQuil while LYING in bed...that stuff is potent). I am a firm believer in this nasty licorice medicine. Wherever you take it, there you sleep. Cold? Take NyQuil. Flu? Take NyQuil. Malaria? Take NyQuil. Insomnia? NYQUIL! I have been sick for 7 days now. When I say I have a cold, it doesn't quite convey how sick I have been. To be sick while pregnant SUCKS in and of itself. I am limited on what medicines I can take. Even the ones I can take I am cautioned against using "too often". Even if I were not pregnant and in such a dilemma THIS cold would have dropped me. I don't recall having a cold quite this bad in recent years. I am still sick, though the mere fact that I am sitting upright typing is a clear indication of the fact that I am on the upswing (I hope). When I cough it sounds like a seal barking. When I talk it sounds like I have smoked a pack a day since I was in diapers. When I sneeze....well let's just say it is not a pleasant sound. Jason was wonderful, he took off in the afternoons to get Austin from school, made dinner for them, even found time to finish painting the dining room and entry way today. All this while still working more than 40 hours and taking classes. My dilemma was with Brodie during the day. Luckily, Brodie can entertain himself 90% of the time. We went to bible study Tuesday JUST so he could play. I sat in the back and tried not to breathe too near anyone else. My lovely Aunt Kristin was kind enough on Friday to bring me medicine (approved by my doctor), magazines to keep me sane and lunch for Brodie. Such a life saver as Jason had a meeting he could not get out of. My whole week was spent hold up in my house. I did make good use of the time. I found a way to end the drought. Between the vaporizer and the humidifier we had the humidity up to almost 80% in the living room (our big clock has a gauge). Crank those puppies up a little more and I think we could have made rain. I did venture out of the house for a bit yesterday to go to Walmart. Exciting stuff I know. I am just one of those people that would rather do the grocery shopping myself. So against Jason's insisting I went. I should have listened to him. It took everything I had to get checked out and get back home. It rained all morning so by the time I got to the store EVERYONE, their mama, and their aunties were there. It was insanity on top of me just not being physically up to it. Now that it is obvious I am pregnant I also get stopped a few times each trip by "well-meaning" people going over the contents of my cart. Luckily all I had to do this time was cough and they all scattered. If there was an isle that had people parked all over the place and no one could get through...COUGH...instanly clear. Kind of like Bruce Almighty.

So, thank you to everyone that has checked on me this week (especially Kree). I am alive and still is the munchkin. The cold didn't seem to slow him down too much. Hopefully I will be back to my old self in the next few days. Stay well....

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kanye west

OK, so I admit, Kanye West's Song "Gold Digga" actually was catchy and I found myself singing it in my car and making a fool of myself. That won't be happening again. This cover further proves that this man needs some serious help. Of course we all know his infamous, "Bush doesn't care about black people" statement after Hurricane Katrina. Yes, because Bush is single handedly responsible for everything bad that happens...grrrr. Now he has decided to portray himself in a Christ like way, while not showing ANY Christ like characteristics. Yes, it is his right to do so. This is a free country. And it is also my right to call him a dangerous role model for a lot of youth....and someone that will no longer get airplay on my radio.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

new saying

There is a lengthy post Iw ould like to share about bible study today, BUT my head hurts too bad to write it just now. There was, however, something so profound. We were talking about our tendancies as women to lean on our friends and family in times of crisis first and foremost. She said her mother always had this saying and I thought it was so good I wanted to share:
Run to the THRONE, not the phone.
I will be back soon with more on this week's study as I thought it was really wonderful!

Monday, January 23, 2006

6 months

Six Months ago...right about now ( 4pm)...Jason and I were married. In a way it does not seem like that long ago. However, SO much has happened in those six months. It has been an awesome six months. To finally feel like I am where I am supposed to be. To be sharing these expierences with someone so amazing. There are many of you doing math in your head right now.

"LaShawn is entering her 7 month of pregnancy, how can they have only been married 6 months?"

Let me help you here. They count the first month of pregnancy starting BEFORE you actually concieve. Based on SCIENCETIFIC evidence, I conceived this child on or around August 18th. Everyone let out the collective sigh of relief now.

These six months have been great and they will only get better. I love you Jason!


Well, whatever Brodie Mommy has. It seems Jason and Austin were little sniffly and such this morning, but they have not really come down with it. Austin is off to school and Jason to work. Brodie and I will probably camp out at home today. I can't tell if it is a cold or what. All I know is, my head hurts, my back hurts, my throat hurts (drainage), my nose is stuffy and running at the same time, and I am coughing. FUN TIMES! I am off to make hot tea and lay down. Hope you are all having a much better day than me.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


As some of you know my parents' dog Molly Marie (top picture with her pretty bow) passed away this last summer. We had her for 12 years if my thinking is correct. She was definitely a member of the family. Well, today my mom got her early birthday present...Everyone meet Barney (bottom picture). He, like Molly, is a Yorkie. HOW CUTE IS THAT FACE?!?!?!? I am utterly jealous. I have two dogs, you say? Yes, I know, but I could always go for another. I am very glad my mom got Barney. I think she was lonely without Molly, even if she was a pain in the butt sometimes. Mom, I can't wait to come and squeeze him. You MUST bring him with you when you come Spring Break...MUST no negotiating.

Bowling Party

Austin had a birthday party to attend today for one of the kids in his class, Alex. It was at the bowling alley and it was a ZOO! All the kids had a really good time though. There were 20 kids. There are only 22 kids in his whole class so it was a great turn out. Also turns out that Austin is a pretty good little bowler (with the gutters blocked, but still). Out of his group of four he bowled the highest scores both games. He even managed several spares. He had a really good time. Brodie on the other hand has begun getting sick. Yesterday his nose starting running like crazy and today it is down in his chest (very asthma-y sounding). When we got home from the party he ran to the bathroom cause he said he had to GO...well he didn't quite make soon as his pants came down so did some other lovely stuff. So we had to clean him up and give him a bath. Poor dude :-( Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. Hate to miss church again, but I won't send him like that.
Friday we had our regular OB checkup. She pretty much just reiterated what the High Risk Doctor told me. Pelvic rest and we will wait and see what the 28 week ultrasound showed. Otherwise everything was good. I am finally gaining some weight, which normally would not be good, but given that I am 24 weeks along, it is time. That is about all we have going on. Jason worked on his car most of the day and in between we watched the car auctions on Speed. The boys are crashed out watching a movie and Jason is off to pick up some Pei Wei for us (the boys ate at the bowling alley). Eventful Saturday I tell ya. Once the kids are in bed it is Nip/Tuck Season One time. We didn't start watching it on TV until halfway through season 2 so we are renting and watching all the first ones Good stuff!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I had to post this picture of the dogs. I love my dogs insanely. This is them, SO content on their new bed.

I know I have not been posting much. I am much like Shana in that it has just been a tiring week. Bible Study and Bootcamp at church are both back up in full swing. I am really excited about the bible study. We are doing Beth Moore's (of course) "Jesus the One and Only". It is one of the two Beth Moore studies that I have been dying to do. So yay. I wish I could say that there has been something exciting going on, but really there isn't. I have been a bear to live with lately. My hormones are raging out of control and this whole pelvic rest thing is driving me batty. But, whatever is best for the babe. Jason has, in his usual fashion, been fantastic about everything. He takes everything I say with a grain of salt knowing that most likely it is "Pregnant Shawnee" talking and not ME! I love feeling the baby move and all of that, but this pregnancy has not been kind to me emotionally or physically. Sleep is definitely a commodity around here. The cats are fed up with me moving around so much and have begun sleeping elsewhere (which I have to say does not hurt my feelings AT ALL). That is about all for here. I promise I will be back in the next day or so with more upbeat and positive things. There is a lot going on right now that is great, maybe if I sleep some I will get back to remembering it all.

OH I did hook up online with my VERY best friend from Junior High, Jessi. VERY exciting! OK, so that is all.

Good night all....have a good sleep!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pelvic Rest

Just FYI, and probably too much information but it is my blog and I will vent as I see fit:

TriQuint Party

Last night was Jason's party for work at Southfork Ranch. They have an annual party to celebrate the year before. It was nice because I actually got to dress up. It is not very often as a stay at home mom that I get to do that. We had a really good time. I was able to meet some of the people that Jason works with. Jason's company is not the kind of place I can just stop by anytime and say hi. They work on a lot of top secret government contracts and it is a secure building. However, the CEO and others did a presentation and I got a much better idea of what Jason's company does. Very cool I must say. Jason's cousin's husband (sound anymore redneck?) is also and employee at the company. He is a pretty important guy turns out. I enjoyed seeing his wife again. She is such a sweet person. I was really tired when we got home. Pregnancy has made sleep an elusive thing and I was looking forward to crawling into bed. With the boys gone to my aunt's house I got to sleep in until 9:30. THAT IS INSANE! It was great. Hope you all had a great weekend!


Originally uploaded by LaShawn Williams.

Cloe (one of our cats) was very happy that Mommy and Daddy were home.

LaShawn Tired

LaShawn Tired
Originally uploaded by LaShawn Williams.

The wide eyed look is merely because I was so tired I could barely stand.

Spilled Beer

Spilled Beer
Originally uploaded by LaShawn Williams.

Jason spilled his beer all over himself before dinner was even served. Luckily he wore dark pants and it dried quickly.


Originally uploaded by LaShawn Williams.

This was me leaving Southfork. I am definitely looking pregnant these days.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Bad Hair Day

This is what Brodie looks like EVERY morning. The child has crazy hair. We never knew it before because we have buzz cut his hair since he was 9 months old. I finally found some gel that does a relatively good job of taming it at least for an hour or two. It is just crazy. He has decided that he is a porcupine and he WILL poke ya. Too cute!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

TP part 2

Thanks to Beckie (whom you should all go visit, she is fab)...I now have proof as to WHY it matters which way you put the toilet paper on the roll. Thank you Beckie :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I got a new toy yesterday. I got new Digital imaging software. I have been playing every since I got it. I even made a really cool music video thingy with pictures from our wedding, honeymoon and us with the boys. It makes me cry to watch (hormones). I am a dork, things like this excite me. I don't need much in life :-) Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


In the interest of time...and that I need a nap....I am just going to copy and paste my email I sent out to everyone here about the ultrasound. Only for you guys I will spell check...don't ask me what the freak I was thinking not spell checking a letter I typed at lightning speed...ugh

Jason and I went today for another ultrasound. At the 19 week ultrasound just before Christmas, the little munchkin was not being cooperative enough for the doctor's taste. Today's ultrasound went much better. "Munchkin" was AGAIN confirmed to be a boy and quite the active bub. He is measuring perfectly and is already 1.25lbs. The exciting part of the ultrasound was that we got 3D pictures. This has been all Jason has wanted the whole pregnancy so far. He was so excited. "Munchkin" looks great. No worries where he is concerned. As some of you know, at the 19 week Ultrasound the doctor saw that I had a low lying placenta, but did not seem overly worried at the time. This time he did not like what he saw. He did a transvaginal ultrasound to be able to get a better look at the placenta. Turns out it is lower than we thought. I was diagnosed with placenta previa. This is where the placenta is partially or totally covering the opening of the cervix. With my history (C-section and a D&C) I am at a higher risk for this turning into a placenta acreta, which is not a fun thing. However, the doctor is not too concerned about that due to the placement of the placenta on the back wall of my uterus. Basically, it is a wait and see game. Right now I am on "pelvic rest" (no intercourse, no strenuous exersice, no heavy lifting or housecleaning). No decisions as far as delivery will be made until 28 weeks. I will go then for another ultrasound to see if the placenta has moved up. There is a pretty good chance that it could move up, but they want to play it safe and wait and see. If it does NOT move up then I will definitely have a C-section and if I do start to bleed could be put on bedrest. We will know more mid-February. Until then we will continue to pray that the baby stay healthy and that the placenta will MOVE UP!!! I have attached some 3D ultrasound pics of the baby. They are of his profile and his hands.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Rachel Ray

What do a 3 year old and an almost 6 year old like to watch on TV? Spongebob? Sure that is alright. Spiderman? Well, yeah if they have to. But, what do MY two kids really get mesmorized by? 30 Minute Meals (one of my fav shows). They pick it over cartoons anytime it is on. Love that my boys want to learn to cook. My mom is a fabulous cook and in turn I love to cook. Hopefully it is a trait that my future daughters-on-law will appreciate.


This child, my oldest, will be 6 in 23 days. Did you hear me people? My baby, whom I birthed, will be S-I-X years old in less than a month. I need to go lay down....the thought just drained me. By the way, Austin was playing cool guy in this picture. He is a ham.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

toilet paper

When putting toilet paper on the roll...remember people, OVER not UNDER~

It's the small things that count sometimes.

Friday, January 06, 2006

New year's Resolution

New Year's Resolutions are a funny thing to me. I have always held that they are just a way of setting ourselves up for failure; Much in the vain of, "I'll start that diet Monday". However, I know that for some people it is just a way of setting goals for themselves. Jason says, "You should constantly be setting goals for yourself. It shouldn't be a once a year thing." I do absolutely agree. I have been asked what my resolutions are. To be honest I don't know. In the past I have had all the same ones as most people: Get more organized (shut up Mom and Kree), workout more, get hold of the emotional eating complex...etc. I just don't feel like they ever motivate me to change anything. There is no accountability and really there is not real "want to" there when I set them merely because it is January 1.
That being said, I do have some things I would like to accomplish this year. First, of course, is to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. This pregnancy has really kicked my butt and I know that it will be a challenge to not retreat into my bag of Doritos and such. Hey, emotional eating is what I do. I am not proud of it and it has caused me lots of issues in the past. So that is my goal.
Jason made the comment today that he can see a difference in me from when we met. In his words I am a lot more self confident and happy. He also thinks I look more attractive (he was quick to were hot before) and he wants me to keep taking care of myself the way I have been. So that is my other continue to take care of me. Let's face it Jason helps with this. He spoils me....he helps SO much with the boys....he is just awesome even when I am aggravated at him (hormones). The stress level for me has gone down so much since being with him and that is why I suddenly (without other changes) started losing weight. I weigh less right now, at almost 6 months pregnant, than I did at our wedding. How crazy is that?
So here is to a happy healthy New Year for us all.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

black eyed peas

Random Thought of the Day:
For the past two years I have not had black eyed peas on New Year's Day. If my child is born with a leg growing out of his forehead we know why.


This is a note of apology to my mom...and really to all parents out there:


I am sorry for every time growing up that I asked for something and following it up with, "But it only costs $15". That crap adds up fast and most likely it was just crap I was asking for in the first place.

Love, Shawnee

PS. I am also terribly sorry (again) for ages 12-14!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ignore your kids?

Is it wrong that I am totally ignoring the yells and fighting coming from the backyard??? Now, before some insane woman that has no children (or someone who thinks they do cause they "babysit") gets on my case. I am not REALLY ignoring them. I check out of the window to make sure no blood is drawn and all limbs are still attached to the proper body areas. But, I refuse to keep repeating myself to them today about playing nice. For the record, we go through a "re-conditioning" stage every time they stay elsewhere for an extended period of time. Re-Conditioning is not always pleasant, but it is a necessity.


OK, now for my proper Christmas Post!
The boys went back to Lubbock early with my mom to give them some more time with family there. My parents left right after Christmas for the Coast (they have a boat down there) and wanted a few more days with the boys. Jason and I exchanged gifts early while we were still at home. Jason (as you know from earlier posts) got me a gorgeous ring. I got him some new clothes. He has tons of work clothes and was in dire need of some everyday clothes. Christmas Eve we spent the day with Jason's family. His brother Brian and his wife, Kristi were in from Houston. This will likely be the last Christmas they come to Lubbock to enjoy for a while. Brian graduates med school in May and will start his residency after that and they don't usually get holidays off or ever get to sleep from what I hear. Anyway, Christmas Eve morning we opened presents with Jason's parents, Brian and Kristi and the four of us. The boys loved having Aunt Kristi and Uncle Brian around. Austin and Brodie made out like bandits of course. Me being pregnant all I really wanted was pretty, smelly stuff. I got lots of yummy lotions, a fluffy soft new robe and the perfume I wanted from Victoria's Secret from Lesa and Terry. I also got a gorgeous silver candle abra from Brian and Kristi that will look great in our dining room. Jason got just what he wanted as well, GIFT CARDS! He also got a Texas Tech clock for his office. We had lunch with all of Jason's family that afternoon and then went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Nana and Papa's church. It is always very pretty. We were kinda bummed about missing the Christmas services at our own church here, but we look forward to catching them in years to come. Then we went to Nana and Papa's house for sandwiches and more gifts. Brodie was feeling REALLY bad that night. He fell asleep on Kristi in church. We had to stop by and get him some Motrin. No fun! Then we headed out to my parents' house for bed. Both boys got BIG doses of meds and they were off to sleep. Then Jason had to play Santa and put together scooters. Austin had written a letter to Santa AND told Santa both at the mall AND on the phone that he wanted a "push scooter". Kinda nice now that they are at the age that you can ask them what they want and they WILL tell you. However, I dread the day when they tell us they want A CAR or something else of that nature. *sigh* Christmas morning (after a LONG night of coughing and fevers and Mommy ending up in the room with them) the boys were VERY excited to see that Santa ate all his cookies and drank his milk and that he had left them SCOOTERS! Then Big Mama and Aunt Kristin came out and we all had Mimosas (non-alcoholic for the pregger girl). Mimosas on Christmas morning is a is a must. Surprisingly non-alcoholic champagne is not all that bad. Then we snacked around while Dad got the smoker ready. Another tradition is smoked Prime Rib. YUMMERS! The boys played out in the barn, riding their scooters and four wheelers (they are both SO good on the four wheelers that it scares Mom a bit). Big Daddy and Uncle Christian came out around lunch time. Lyndon and Mandy and of course, baby Cason came out around 2. Then it was time to eat. Very yummy grub as always. Then we had presents. This year we decided to stop all the insanity of Christmas and we only got gifts for the kids. Our parents still bought for us (Jason got a TON of tools and a toolbox and I got a gorgeous watch) but it was nice to cut down on all the gifts that distract from Christmas at times. The boys again made out like bandits. Cason had his first Christmas and got lots of cool stuff too. Including a giraffe pillow that he really loved. Cason and Aunt LaShawn took a nap in the chair later in the day. You know I just HATED doing that (year right!). All in all it was a great day. The next day we went back over to Lesa and Terry's and then Jason and I left for home on Tuesday to get all moved. what fun times that was (ugh). We decided to not go out New Year's Eve. First off I am pregnant so clubs and such are out of the question with so much smoke and all. Secondly, Jason's company is having a big party at Southfork Ranch in a few weeks so I can get dressed up then. We settled on Studio Movie Grill. We went and saw Narnia and enjoyed some pretty yummy food. The boys got home yesterday and are currently enjoying their new room, as you can see from the picture. The house is still not totally put together and we have lots of painting to do in the coming weeks. But we are still happy to be moved in!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Cotton B owl

Don't forget to watch Tech in the Cotton Bowl today. Fox @ 10am. :-)

*Added Tuesday 01/03/06*

How typical was that for Tech...UGH!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New year

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope that the new year is so far treating you all well.
It is 1:00 in the afternoon and I am still in my pj's. Yup, Jason and I have been so productive today. We have been so busy this week getting moved in that we didn't really get to enjoy Jason being off work. So this morning we didn't even think about getting out of bed until 9:30 (that is INSANELY late for us). Jason cooked sausage and biscuits for breakfast. We have since been lazing around watching I Love the 90's and Meet the Barkers on VH1 and MTV. Now people that is what I call relaxed to the point of just not caring. We turned in the keys to the apartment yesterday. I have an amazing urge to go flip off the apartments. Don't know why. Jason and I have vowed that we will never again live in an apartment. NO NO NO! All the animals are getting all settled in. As you can see from the photo the dogs are FINALLY home with us. YAY! Yes that is Jason in my "wings" having the dogs chase him. They were not too sure about it. They are loving their backyard and are already very protective of it. MoJo sat under the tree for an hour last night staring at a squirrel. He desperately wanted to eat it. They are in heaven.
I still need to do a Christmas post, but I am so not caring today. I will post a few pictures for now. We had a great Christmas all in all. The boys were pretty sick, but are better now. They will be coming home tomorrow. They stayed in Lubbock for the week while we moved in.
Well, folks we are off to Home Depot and such places to shop for patio furniture. IKEA has already been invaded by us on Friday. Bought some new lamps for the bedroom and some shelves for our bathroom.
Have a great New Year!

Santa also brough Power Rangers and Scooby Doo Umbrellas. The boys are always wanting an they got it.

The boys were present opening machines!!!

Santa brought SPIDERMAN SCOOTERS! Poor babies they were really not feeling good Christmas morning. They had both been running temps and coughing ALL night long.

As you can see...Brodie got a four wheeler too!!!