Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's Feast


What is your favorite herb or spice?

I love spices!!! I love to experiment with them and put them in different combos. If I had to pick JUST ONE of each: Herb: Cilantro/ Spice: Cumin

Name a song you like but haven't heard in a long time.

"As" by Stevie Wonder...I think I need to get that on my play list on my computer.

If you were to take just one minute to write down as many things as you can think of that you need (not want) to do, approximately how many things would there be?

5,289,411 give or take a few

Main Course
Tell something interesting about one of your family members (nothing scandalous, please, just something unique).

My mother told me that she has a cousin that washed her car, in the front yard, while nine months pregnant, in a I am not saying that some of the extended family is white trash, I am just saying we would fit in at a White Trash Convention.

**edited to add....not only was she pregnant, but pregnant with TWINS weighing 7 lbs each!**

What's the latest you've ever stayed awake?

Well, there have been times when I didn't go to sleep at all in a given 24 hour period.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen things I love about my husband and kids:
(cause to name them all would take too long)

  1. Jason supports my decisions wholeheartedly even if he disagrees with them.
  2. Austin gives the best hugs in the world.
  3. Brodie still loves to cuddle up with his mommy.
  4. Chase thinks Mommy is the coolest (its cause I carry his food everywhere we go I think)
  5. The hugs....OH the hugs.
  6. Jason's willingness to raise Austin and Brodie as if he had been there from birth. That is hard to find. Heck that is hard to find in biological dads.
  7. Austin's stories. The kid is hilarious.
  8. Brodie's tenderness.
  9. Chase's smile...such a handsome man.
  10. Jason's ability to make me feel better, even when I don't want to feel better.
  11. Austin and Brodie are the BEST big brothers to Chase. They love that baby more than Power Rangers (and that is A LOT).
  12. Jason's is as twisted as my own.
  13. Jason, Austin, and Brodie all have a deep love of God. The boys may be young, but they are wise beyond their years when it comes to Jesus. They teach me everyday.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Random pictures

They are just silly boys

Chase is so ready for fall. This was the last purchase I made for him before he was born. It actually arrived while I was in the hospital. I have been waiting for him to be able to wear it. LOVE IT!

And yes, it is an ugly uniform shirt, but it is for my Austin so it is ok. And that is Mrs. Assistant Den Leader to you.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Mystery of the Chair

Someone peed on my leather chair!

Have your attention?!?

Thursday morning Brodie brought it to my attention that there was something "icky" spilled on the big chair. When I came to investigate the only thing I could think to say was: WHAT THE HELL Oh Dear! It looked like someone had taken watered down orange juice and poured it all over the back and the cushion. I did the most natural thing I can think of, I bent down and smelled it. Yup, urine.

How did this happen? Who did this? Why would you do this?

Judging by the trajectory and spray pattern I deduced that it had to have been a human male that produced the offending mess. I, of course, wanted it to be one of the animals, but it was impossible unless the dogs had taken up Yoga.

I then remember Jason getting up at 3:30 in the morning and walking down the hall. He was only gone for a bit and wasn't chewing when he got back. (He is notorious for getting up in the middle of the night and getting a snack.) I called him at work and asked him if he remembered getting up early that morning. He swore up and down that he did not get up.



Case closed!

Or so I thought!

Friday morning at around 3:30 Jason got up, though this time on purpose, to get ready to leave town. He wanted to get out of town before morning rush hour. He came and woke me up and said, "Brodie was out of bed and in the kitchen. He didn't even look awake. He just smiled at me and I took him back to bed. He never said anything."


"He must have been sleepwalking," I replied. I then recall how when he was younger he would get up in the middle of the night and walk around seemingly just for fun.

Jason left the room to continue getting ready. A few minutes later he returned saying, "There is more pee on the chair and I know I didn't do it."

My son, not only sleepwalks, but apparently he marks his territory in his sleep too.

Friday, September 22, 2006


I did my Thursday Thirteen early yesterday. Apparently, Blogger decided it was not worthy of being posted and deleted it. That is what I get for doing a positive post.

I don't have much to say today. Well, that is not true. I have a lot to say today, but not enough time to do it in. Things are going along. Austin had his first pack meeting for scouts on Tuesday. It went really well. You can see the pictures here.

Jason has gone down to the coast to spend the weekend with my brother and my dad. I am sure they will get into all sorts of trouble and have a blast while doing it. Jason was hesitant to go. I have been having a hard time lately and he wanted to stay to help me out. I, however, can sense when he needs a break. HE NEEDED TO GO! So off he went this morning.

The boys and I plan on spending tomorrow doing some deep cleaning around the house. Organizing, throwing stuff away, and scrubbing. It is time for Fall Clean Out. Sunday we have church and a den meeting for scouts. Pretty full weekend. I do have a much more interesting post in the works. I just have to find time to finish it. Perhaps when the children go to bed tonight.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blessing not Curse...

Most of you who know me in real life know that I have ADD. Some of you who didn't might be thinking, "That explains some stuff." I was one of the people with ADD that didn't get the label until later in life. At the age of 24 actually. Since finding out that I actually DID have ADD I have done a TON of reading and research on the subject. I was one of those that used to think that people used ADD as an excuse. My coping skills were always good. I graduated high school with a 3.85 GPA. That alone makes a lot of people think that I can not possibly have ADD. Most people with ADD struggle in conventional schools. I have a few explanations as to why I did so well in high school. First of all, I am an excellent bull-shitter. I didn't have one teacher that I couldn't talk into allowing me extra time to complete something. I was also blessed to go to a school where they stressed teaching instead of stressing passing. My high school teachers knew I was intelligent and I was always highly involved in the classroom. It was that damn homework that threw me. Luckily, I was able to work with teachers and always seemed to wiggle my way out of it. Don't ask me how. I still am not totally sure how I did that.

There are so many misunderstandings in our society about people, especially young boys and adults, that live with ADD. WE ARE NOT LAZY! WE ARE NOT STUPID! Our brains are wired differently from other people's. I wish I had time this morning to elaborate on all I have learned. I will leave you with a few quotes out of a WONDERFUL book called, "Why A.D.H.D. Doesn't Mean Disaster".
"Think of [an ADHD person as] an absentminded professor who can find a cure for cancer but not his glasses in the mess of his desk. These are the inventors, creators, poets-the people who think creative thoughts because they don't think like everyone else."--Martha Denckla, M.D.

"The same right-brained children who are being labeled and shamed in our schools are the very individuals who have the skills necessary to lead us into the 21st century. These children process visually and randomly, and think holistically. They are intuitive problem solvers who get the big picture. They thrive on visual imagery and stimulation; these "attention-deficit" kids can spend hours with computer and CD-ROM programs that mirror their thought processes. It's no wonder they are attracted to computers. The use of computers is congruent with the way right-brained children think."--Jeffrey Freed (This explains my LOVE LOVE UTTER LOVE of all things computers)

"There are many positives with ADD, including a surplus of ideas, creativity, excitement, and interest which accompany this kind of mind." --Sari Solden

"ADD people are high energy and incredibly good brain stormers. They will often happily work 12 to 15 hours by choice. The business community should not fear ADD. Instead, they should see that they have a potential gold mine here."--Dr. Kathleen Nadeau

I wouldn't take back having ADD even if I could. God gave me a "different" perspective on things is all. I see the whole picture where most people only see steps. I see the end when most people see the process. I am intelligent and I am creative. And I was created this way by MY GOD who wants me to use it for something bigger.

There is wonderful speaker by the name Runks. His wife teaches with my mom. He is such a wonderful guy and he embraces ADHD. This is the newest design of shirt on his website. I am ordering one for myself and Jason. LOVE IT!

Go read more posts about ADD awareness!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reads and More About Me...

My "reads" section in the sidebar has been long overdue for some additions. I updated it with some of my favorite blogs that I have been reading over the past several months. If you have some time check them out.

I also updated my about me section. I have been asked many times to include a "100 things" list. I will start working on that, but for now this will have to do.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Put it down...

I just got a new book in the mail from Amazon. This is like Christmas to me. I love Amazon...I love books. I have about a million things to do today, none of which include reading my precious new book. So there it sits, lonely and unopened.

At least until the dishes are done.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Even on those days...

Today was a hard day for me, Austin and Brodie. We had a lot of behavior issues today that had to be dealt with.

HOWEVER, even on the days when I think I am at my wits end I feel so insanely lucky.

Look at those three!!! They may be terrors some days (more angel than terror on most), but they are my heart.

I love this picture. Chase had his first taste of rice cereal tonight and Austin and Brodie were so excited to help. They are the best big brothers ever.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Chow Down...

What was the very last song you listened to?

"He Reigns" by the Newsboys...I am watching the Billy Graham Special on TV

What is one company/store/corporation you would recommend that people stay away from?

I am stealing my answer from another blog I read, but I can't remember who (leave me a comment if you know)

Abercrombie & Fitch......Seriously child porn is not cool, neither are crappy overpriced clothes.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy having your picture made?

Depends on my mood that day. I am usually the one taking pictures. But I do like to have memories of me with other people. So I will say IN GENERAL a 7.

Main Course
Besides a bookmark, what is something you've used to keep your place in a book?

Scrap paper, receipts, salt packet from restaurant, straw wrapper...basically anything I can get my hands on.

Name a food that you like that most people don't.

Cream cheese with Pickapeppa sauce on Club crackers....mmmmmmmmmmm

Four Months...

Chase had his four month check up today. FOUR MONTHS!!! I can't believe how fast it is all going. I know from having Austin and Brodie how quickly these precious months go. Next thing you know I will be blogging about his first day of school.

He is growing steadily and wonderfully. He is now 16lbs 11oz and 26 1/2 inches long. He is now rolling completely over (front to back and back to front). He loves playing with his toes and can even manage to get one in his mouth at times. He is getting much more vocal and loves to yell. His brothers are still very much in love with him. Seriously, they love this child. Chase thinks his big brothers are hilarious and that they hung the moon it would seem. We are very lucky so far in this department.

Of course, the downside is we had to get shots today. Never a fun thing...necessary, but never fun. So our plan is to camp out at home today. At the 2 month checkup the shots made him VERY cranky, so I didn't want to take my chances with trying to be out and about today.

Jason and I are so blessed by these boys that God has given us. They drive us crazy, but oh how we love them!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

That New Book Smell...

I got this book today....I am so excited I could pee myself. I adore C.S. Lewis. Now whenever I think, "You know Lewis once said something about this", I can bust out my handy dandy book and look it up. SWEET!

And since this was purchased with the lovely gift card my mom gave me for my birthday...Thanks Mommy!

"I can't imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once." -- C.S. Lewis

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things That Have Annoyed Me This Week...

  1. The old lady that lives next door to us. Would it kill you to smile lady?
  2. The lack of parental volunteers in every single activity. I notice it at school and church and now in scouting. GET INVOLVED PEOPLE.
  3. The fact that because of #2 I am now assistant Den Leader of Austin's Tiger Cub Den...also meaning I have to wear a uniform....laugh it up.
  4. My favorite pen ran out of ink and I can not find one that I love as much as it.
  5. My allergies
  6. Which ever one of our neighbors keeps letting their dog use our yard as their toilet.
  7. Diet Coke does not taste as good as regular.
  8. As mentioned in another post...FIFTH FREAKING PERIOD IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS
  9. I am now getting migraines again...after almost 5 years without one
  10. Stepping on the 500th toy of the week this morning
  11. That I can't get control of my moods
  12. I haven't had enough time to read this week
  13. That I am writing such a freaking negative list
I promise to do a more upbeat one next week....I feel better already!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Taking a Break...

I wanted to let you all know that I appreciate the emails that I have been getting. Yes, I know my posts have been somewhat sparse lately. Truth be told, I am just busy. The kids are keeping me busy and I am also trying to spend a little time away by myself every night by going on walks with the dogs. I have a ton to talk about here, just no energy to talk about it. Austin has started scouts, Brodie is demanding a lot of attention, Chase is rolling all over the place and sticking anything he can get his hands on in his mouth....I am just busy with the mom stuff.

Part of it is also that I am feeling all out of sorts lately. For any man reading this right now, you might want to turn away. I have had 5...count them FIVE...periods in the last 2 1/2 months. These birth control pills my doc has me on are making me nuts. Besides the periods (which are so FREAKING annoying as I am used to having NONE) my moods are out of control and my face is in a constant state of break out. All I can say is, WHAT THE HELL?!?! I have my yearly exam in October and plan on insisting that she change my pills then. It is just making me very unhappy.

Know that I am around, I am reading all of your blogs and trying to keep up with my thoughts so I will have lots to say when I get back to full-time blogging.

Monday, September 11, 2006

It's coming..

My 9/11 post will regretfully be a day late.

I have not been very productive today. Chase did not sleep well and has been a wild banshee all day. I woke up with a headache that just will not stop. Needless to say, combining all of this with the normal everyday things that go on around here and I am pooped.

The 9/11 post is halfway done, but I don't want to post it until it is fully completed. It deserves that.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The hard stuff...

I hate some of the things that I, as a parent, have to explain to Austin. He is now 6 1/2 years old and has started to ask the tough questions. He is also very bright, so simplistic answers do not work with him. He wants the details...he can understand the details.

Austin was just 19 months old when 9/11 happened. (Watch Monday for a post about my memories from that day) He was much too young to understand what happened and really never has even acknowledged that he knew anything about it. Friday he came home with a piece of paper from school announcing that they would be having "National Patriot Day" Monday at school. Austin wanted to know what that meant. This is how our conversation went:

Austin: Mom, what is National Patriot Day?

Me: Well, it is a day to remember what it is to be an American and to honor some special people.

Austin: So is it like the 4th of July?

Me: Sort of. The 4th of July is to celebrate our country's birthday.

Austin: Oh, so what people do we honor on patriot day?

Me (realizing I need to just tell him about 9/11 before he hears it on the news and gets confused): Well, back on September 11, 2001 something happened. You were just a baby so you don't remember it. Some very bad men took over some airplanes.

Austin: What do you mean, took over?

Me: They took control of the planes away from the pilots and started to fly them by themselves.

Austin: OK

Me: Those bad men then crashed the planes into two buildings in New York called the World Trade Center. They also crashed one into a building in Washington and another one crashed into a field.

Austin: Why would they do that?

Me (tears coming to my eyes): I don't know Austin. I wish I did know. See these people don't like America and they wanted to hurt us. The two towers fell down and a lot of people on the planes and in the buildings died. It was a very, very sad day.

Austin: So Patriot day is about honoring those people?

Me: Yes, it is about honoring those people and their families.

Austin: Then I guess I better pray for their families on Patriot day. I bet they miss them.

Me (about to completely lose it): I think that would be a very nice thing.

This was probably the hardest conversation I have ever had to have with Austin. I am still not sure if I handled it right. Sometimes being a parent is really hard.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

How do they do that?

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Does anyone know how Target does it? I go in to return a $6 item and when I leave I find myself loading a new FOOD PROCESSOR into my car. What the hell happened?!?

Thursday Thirteen....Me addition

A Thursday Thirteen challenge has been name 13 things I like about myself. Game on...

Thirteen Things I like about ME

1. My sense of humor. I make myself laugh and really isn't that all that matters? Seriously though, I get told that my sense of humor rocks a lot. I am a twisted, twisted individual.

2. I am a good mother. I know I am not perfect , but that is not what makes a good mom.

3. My eyes. They are really pretty.....I get loads of compliments on them.

4. My hair. I have the kind of hair people beg for. I could lose half of it and still have more than a full head. I just wish it was all straight (it gets wavy in the back when I let it air dry)

5. I am optimistic, most of the time. I can usually always find the silver lining.

6. I am outgoing. I am not afraid to make a fool out of myself and will go out of my way to make others feel comfortable.

7. I am a GREAT friend... I am a lousy acquaintance.

8. I am very creative.

9. I am a dreamer.

10. I am a good cook. I am not a great cook like my mom yet, but I am working on it. I have really developed a love for cooking over the last year or two. I have always liked it though.

11. I don't rely on material possessions to build up my self worth. Boy, I used to though. This was a hard one to break. Now I am firm in who I am.

12. I love Jesus.

13. I have a big heart. I can't help but care about people. Even when I don't really want to.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am alive and kicking. I was enjoying my lovely weekend with my in laws and my family. I have many many things floating around in my head to blog about, but have not quite formulated what all I want to say. So for now a few random thoughts a la LaShawn:

~ Mi Cocina may be snobby Tex-Mex but oh my it was yummy! Thank you Jas for my birthday dinner it was so tasty. Thank you Lesa and Terry for watching the kiddos for us.

~ Our neighbors are thrilled that they were woken up Saturday morning to the sound of chainsaws. Our landlord had our HUGE, 50 year old, sycamore tree cut down. It is now piled in front of our house waiting for the city to come pick it all up. Looks very classy!

~ I have taken over as the prayer "leader" of our Sunday School class. I have a lot of fear about this and I don't know why. I am working through it. I signed up not because I WANTED to do it, but because I really felt like I was supposed to. I am praying that God uses this ministry to strengthen my own prayer life.

~ It rained ALL day Monday....I love that!

~ I took Beau on a walk with me last night. Man that bird dog instinct comes out when he is tracking something. Once he realized that Mommy wasn't playing games he decided to stop trying to walk ME!

~ Austin has done really well in school so far this year. He made 100% on his last spelling test and continues to keep up his good behavior (something we struggled with in Kindergarten). I am very proud of him.

~ Brodie has decided that it is fun to baby talk....acting out with the new baby maybe?

~ Chase used his exersaucer for the first time this weekend. He is finally big enough. He loves it!

~ I started Beth Moore's new bible study, Daniel, yesterday. I am very excited about it. Sounds so interesting....I am sure it will give me lots to blog about.

~ I am still in the process of figuring out my schooling situation. I am for sure going back in the Spring, but we are at a crossroads as to what exactly I am going to study. This is one of those things that will get its own post soon to explain. Ugh...

~ I am so glad I got to see my mom this weekend. Even if it was only for an hour!

~ I need to go do some laundry....OK, I am going....right now.....well as soon as I read my email.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Reason #4,763,982 that my hubby rocks....

Jason came home a little early today. He has had a really rough week at work and we didn't get much time with him. We as a family are not used to that.

After supper we were sitting on the couch when he left the room. About 20 minutes later he returned with ALL of my nail polishes and files and such. He gave me a manicure and painted my nails. He had practiced on himself in the bathroom since he had never painted nails before. He felt badly about the lack of time this week...

That is love people!!!!

How Many Candles???

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now officially on the downside of my 20's. I had a wonderful day. Kree took me out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (love that place) and also bought me new running shoes and boots. Jason and I are celebrating my birthday on Saturday. His parents will be in town so we will be going out to dinner just the two of us. LOVE IT!

In other news, Austin is now a boy scout. Jason took him last night to join the Tiger Cubs. He was sooooo excited. I can't wait...he and Jason will have so much fun.

Well, the blog will be somewhat quiet over the next few days with the in-laws coming. I have a lot of stuff to do today. I hope everyone has a great and SAFE labor day weekend.