Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blog Chicks Carnival

My first carnival...I am so excited. Here goes...

The Theme is "What I love about blogging..."

This is a subject that I could go on and on and on and on about. So I had to narrow it down children don't want to let me have much time at the moment.

Blogging for me started at a time when I was very unhappy. I started off anonymously in order to just have a place to vent my feelings. It was just before my ex-husband and I separated and my life was in a bit of turmoil. My blog was the only place I felt like I could just talk. Since going public with my blog (especially once it went public to family and friends) it has served two purposes. The first is just a place for me to vent...still. I need to vent sometimes. It is also a way to stay connected with friends and family. We now live several hours away from most of our family. This way everyone can see pictures and hear stories about the kids a little more often.

The most surprising thing for me about blogging is the community involved. There are blogs that I read that I truly feel connected to their authors. My "reads" section in the sidebar is in terrible need of a update, but I read probably close to 20 different blogs a day. I have "met" women like Beckie who just inspire me by being who they are. I am so excited to see where this adventure takes me. So you ask, what do I love about blogging? EVERYTHING!!!!

Wanna play? Go here and find out how. This week it is open to all women.