Monday, October 31, 2005

Moving back

Well, I always said that my move over to AOL Journals would be temporary. AOL is really easy to post with, but you can not do much as far as how your site looks. You can basically change your colors that is about it. So, after doodling around for a while, I designed this new site. To be fair, I didn't code the whole thing myself...I just modified it to fit me more. So I am back at Blogger. I was with Blogger for over two years, so it is nice to be back. Hopefully it will prove to be a good move.

As far as what all has been going on around here:

Wednesday night we went to Fall Festival at our church. It was a blast and the boys were VERY tired by the end of the night. You can see the pictures at Our Pictures site (link on the right.) Thursday we had soccer practice and the team got their pictures taken (also on the pictures site). We are very anxiously waiting on our doctor's appointment on Thursday. As some of you know we went to the doctor on October 25 and the doctor was unable to find a heartbeat. While we were assured that this was normal for being barely under 12 weeks, it freaked me out. October 22nd was the 7 year anniversary of when I had my D&C and lost my first pregnancy. I still mourn that baby and it hit a little close to home. When I lost that baby I was 12 weeks along and no heartbeat was ever found. I know in my head and rationally that everything is fine. If it weren't I would not still be getting morning sickness and my stomach would not have started truly popping out this week. And boy am I popping out now. HA! So, we will go Thursday and try again for the heartbeat. All will be well, but prayers are always helpful.

We could also use some prayers in our decision making on housing. We are most definitely going to be moving, but we have yet to make the decision on if we will buy or rent. Renting was originally our plan for now, but now we are leaning towards buying. If we buy, we will buy in the Wylie area, as that is where we would eventually like to end up. We love the area we live in now, but can not afford the kind of house we want over here due to the Country Club nearby. Where in Wylie, we can afford a gorgeous house and they have fantastic schools. I will only move Austin out of Alderidge if we buy. Otherwise we are going to rent within the Aldridge zone. There is a problem there to as the zone for Aldridge is tiny and hard to stay in. So we just need some prayers on what is best for our family.

The best news of today is that my nephew, Cason Lane, after 6 weeks in NICU, gets to go home with his Mommy and Daddy today. To them, I love you guys insanely!!!