Monday, April 03, 2006


I wish I could say that our weekend was productive...well maybe it was a little. Saturday was of course soccer day. The soccer game was very interesting. First, and most importantly, Austin played GREAT. Austin is not the best on his team. He loves to play, but he just doesn't have the coordination thing down yet. That and he is a kid who is so worried about everyone liking him that he is sometimes afraid to get into the mix. That is what we are working on, being aggresive. He is going to make a GREAT baseball player someday, but we wanted to build his confidence in a little less technical of a sport first. Saturday he blocked several kicks and was really trying to be aggressive. I was sooooo proud (I am always proud of him). Our great game was dampered a little bit by the idiot that was coaching the other team. After a disagreement with the ref over a call (which is just ridiculous in a Kindergarten game where we are not keeping score) the other coach decided it would be ok to tell another coach that OUR coach was a "fag". Now, had he whispered this out of earshot of children this would have been fine. Whatever, be a dumbass. BUT...he said it clear as day in front of his team consisting of 5 and 6 year olds AND in front of my 3 year old son. Oh hell no. So I said, "Hey, there is no need to talk like that in front of other people's children. This is a Kindergarten game, I think you need to keep that in mind." Well, apparently he is an even bigger idiot than I thought. He told me to, "Shut Up." Before I could even process what he had said Jason was out of his chair. Now granted, Jason was keeping in mind that there were kids watching, but he was also making his point. So after a brief word with the other coach all was back to normal. Jason is extremely protective of both myself and the boys. I already knew that. However, I have never gotten to see that side of him. He is a pretty quiet person and doesn't really have much of a temper (if anyone knows my past situation you can see why this trait was important to me). I have always said that I dare someone to say a cross word to either myself or the boys in front of Jason....I guess I was right.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Brad, Shana and Bishop. It was so nice to get to just hang out with them and chat. Jason had really never been around them, so I was glad that everyone got acquainted. Sunday the boys all spent the day outside working on the yard. We went and bought new patio furniture (I love Target), so Jason got that all put together. I have been fighting the urge to plant flowers. I am afraid we are going to get more bad weather. So I am waiting until at least mid-April (or that is the plan, we will see if I can hold out). Sunday afternoon Austin and I worked on a project for school while Brodie and Jason napped (hence the picture of Jason and the dogs). I guess we did get some things accomplished.

Hope you all had a great weekend!