Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Still here

Still here....still pregnant. This is the part of pregnancy every pregnant woman dreads. Being that it is my third child, I know the end is near. I can tell. However, it is frustrating waiting. Things have stalled out today. Pretty much nothing to report other than some twinges every now and again. I go for my weekly checkup tomorrow morning so hopefully she can shed some light on if any progress has been made this week. I have been walking a lot and trying to stay hydrated. That is about all I can do. Austin has his last soccer practice of the season tonight with his final game being on Saturday. The plan is to walk while they practice.

Jason has been taking his life into his own hands by trying to keep my sense of humor going. He is doing a really good job. I get about 10 IM's a day saying, "Can you have the kid already I want to leave work." Yes, Honey, I will get right on that for ya. Honestly, he and Shana have been my life lines this week. Shana is always great for some good pregnant woman bitching sessions as well as making me laugh hysterically. Jason has been great. He has picked up more stuff around the house and started to take on more with the boys. He is also being hilarious. He is always hilarious, but he is being even more so than normal. One of the biggest laughs of the week was talking to my dad while they were down at the coast. He had already had a few and was making me laugh because he thought he was making a lot of sense. Thank you Daddy for not making sense when I needed it! I will call Omar the Plug Maker as soon as I locate his number.

I never did mention, but Shana reminded me...we will have internet access at the hospital so hopefully we will have pictures up quickly as well as updates on our progress. Not much longer. Even if I go all the way to due date we are at most 2 weeks away. I really don't think I will make it that long.