Saturday, April 29, 2006

Stop it

It is 430 in the morning...I am obviously not sleeping, nor have a been for quite some time. I finally got tired of lying there tossing and turning. For about the last hour I have been thinking about all of those things that irritate me about how other people conduct day to day life. No one is perfect. Everyone of us does things out of our own need to feel more important than the next guy. However, some people live their lives in a way that is consistently narrow minded on their own needs and not on others. Here are some of the things I am talking about.

If you weave in and out of traffic with no regard to other people's safety because you need to be the first one to have to stop at the redlight...stop it. Your time is no more valuable than mine. If you are in that big of a hurry maybe you should have left earlier for your destination. This to me is just an arrogance on people's part. Quit thinking that whatever you are going to do is more important than everyone else.

If someone takes the time to email you a question or concern, take the time to email them back within a reasonable amount of time. Obviously, they thought the subject important enough to email you about in the first place. If you have no answer to their question, at least acknowledge that you have received their request.

Stop complaining about how busy your life is. Especially if this is your excuse for not doing something or not getting back to someone. Life is busy. It is just a fact of life today. For the most part we CHOOSE our busy lifestyles. If you have chosen a profession in which you must work funky hours do not complain to me about your schedule. I didn't choose it for you. I am not talking about venting to your friend about a particularly bad week in which you feel out of control. We all have those and need to vent. However, if you consistently can not get back to people or make plans more than two seconds in advance due to your "busy" schedule that is not MY problem. It is yours. If it is really that big of an issue for you perhaps you need to do something to alleviate the situation.

On somewhat of the same subject...stop assuming that busy equals important. Just because you work crazy hours does not make you a superhero. If you think it does let me buy you a cape and call the nut house for you. I don't know when people starting deciding that working long hours earned them some sort of free ride to martyrdom. Parents, stop putting your job before your kids. If you really think driving a new car vs. a used car is worth missing out on your kids childhood then you have bigger issues than I can deal with.

The amount of degrees on your wall does not equal your importance nor does it equal your intelligence. In fact in some cases, it may point to your lack thereof.

Your parents success in no way makes you a better person. This is the "Paris Hilton Syndrome" of our society. Your parents' successes are their own. While it is perfectly acceptable to be proud of them, it is not acceptable to think that it somehow makes you a more important individual. This especially seems to be a problem with females. Girls, I don't care who your daddy is. It doesn't make a damn to me....really it doesn't make a damn to anyone else either.

If you can not take responsibility for your own actions and mistakes, you have no business spouting off how someone else has done you wrong. We all do things in life that are stupid and reckless. Most of the time it is in a fit of self importance or self pity. However, take responsibility for it and move on.

Stop playing the victim. Your problems can not POSSIBLY always be someone else's fault. Take responsibility for your life. You are where you are mostly by choices made on your own. If someone did you wrong, get over it. Forgive, move on. Holding on to crap that happened 5 years ago is stupid. If that person does not acknowledge their wrong doing, forgive them anyway. Don't let them hold power over you through it. If you "can't" forgive then you deserve to be miserable in your own self pity, but don't expect me to join in with you.

If you make plans to meet someone at 1:00, be there at 1:00 or BEFORE!!! This is my biggest pet peeve in life. Your time is not more valuable than mine. Why should I have to wait around for you? I am not, of course, talking about the once in a blue moon kind of late. We all have days when things just won't cooperate. On those days, pick up a phone and call the other person saying you will be late, even if it is just 5 minutes late. Do you know what I could accomplish with 5 minutes sometimes? If you are habitually late, KNOCK IT THE F&#$ OFF! Even if you swear up and down that it isn't because you feel more important, it is. Somewhere deep down you feel like the world should wait on you. Here is a clue for all you airhead girls who like to be "fashionably late" is rude. No one likes a rude girl....STOP IT!

Teenagers....StOp TyPIng N WeIrD wAyZ! While it is not really selfish...IT IS ANNOYING!

This rant could go on forever. Of course, I am completely guilty of many of these things from time to time. HOWEVER, I acknowledge it for what it is when I do it...selfishness.

*Off Soapbox*