Sunday, April 30, 2006

shower weekend

We had a really great, yet busy weekend. Austin's last soccer game of the season was Saturday. As you can see he got his trophy and thought it was so cool that it was different than last season's. Jason and I have started discussing possibly getting a zone change from the Plano ISD to keep Austin in Alderidge next year. He has friends there already and he can still play with his same soccer team next season. Plus, his coach may possibly put together a baseball team from Alderidge. We would most certainly love to play for that team. Mark is a great coach in that he is more worried about the kids having fun than anything else. BUT, he also wants them to learn the game and play hard. We will see how it goes.

Saturday night I went to Grapevine and met the beautiful, Shana and her friend Robin for a girls' night out dinner. Yummy food and so nice to get out for a while. Thank you girls for inviting me and for the baby loot. Robin, it was so great to finally meet you.

Today we had church. Our Sunday School class threw us a diapers and wipes shower. First off, what a wonderful idea. Diapers and wipes, the two things EVERY new parent needs. I posted a picture of some of our presents. So awesome. Also, once little Mr. Chase makes his arrival the class will bring us meals three times a week for two weeks. So wonderful and such a blessing. Thank you guys!

All this afternoon the boys played outside. Jason bought them both baseball gloves and worked with them on how to play catch. As you can see, Cloe is all tuckered out from the busy day. Her and I have called a truce for the time being.

Well all I am off to put my feet up. It is what I am supposed to be doing in the evenings. My feet are SWOLLEN...look like sausages.