Thursday, April 27, 2006


I have been feeling pretty good today. Brodie and I spent much of our day out and about at the resale shops. We also made stops at Target and Babies R Us. After we got Austin from school, we decided that the weather was too nice to come home. We went to the park to play for a while. Mommy sat on the bench and read and the boys played. The park is always an interesting experience. I have noticed a trend in some of the moms at the park. When did we stop letting kids be kids? Let me clarify what I mean. This mom pulled up and promptly unloaded her 3 kids from the car. They walked over to the empty bench and sat down. The mother then said these words to the kids (none of which could have been over 5), "First we are going to swing. Then we are going to go over to the slide and we will each slide down 5 times. After that it will be time to go home." Excuse me? Isn't the whole point of bringing your kids to the park to let them play and run and make stuff up. As this lady was doing this one of my kids was hanging upside down on the slide making monkey noises and the other was under the playground making imaginary food for people. Now while this mom was the extreme of what I mean, a lot of moms do the same thing just in a milder version. They direct their kids while they play. "NoNo, let's not swing, let's go down the slide. Let's not play in the dirt you will get dirty". LET THEM BE KIDS DAMMIT.

OK, well I am having Mexican food tonight. Jason is taking me to Blue Goose so I may gorge myself one more time before Chase arrives. I don't think I will be up for taking three kids out to eat for a few weeks til I get into a routine.