Thursday, April 06, 2006

Baby preparing

I so badly want to post something other than yet another boring post, but I have nothing of interest to say. My life the last few days has been our normal busy. It is the busy time of month at work, so Jason has been working later than normal. We had soccer practice which the other moms gave Jason a round of applause for how he handled the jerk of a coach at the last game.

Really I am focusing lately on getting ready for Chase's arrival. I am not nesting really...I am just not the nesting type. Just getting some things in order. We are pretty laid back about this kid. I realize after doing it twice before that I do not NEED much for when he comes home. I washed all his clothes, blankets, sheets and such yesterday. My mom sent a care package filled with things I needed still...THANK YOU MOMMY! If Chase were born today we would be ready...just have to make a pitstop for diapers. We are not doing the nursery yet since we will be having a shower this summer for Chase. The bassinet is stocked. All I lack is a some shelves for the nursery. I feel an IKEA visit coming on. HMMMM...

The boys are very ready for their brother to be here. They ask everyday if it is time to get the baby out. Austin has to pat my stomach several times a day and ask how the baby is. Brodie talks to Chase through my stomach. I can tell I am nearing the end as I am incredibly uncomfortable. I can't find a position that doesn't put pressure somehow in the wrong spot. Poor Jason...I know I must be a nightmare to deal with right now. You wouldn't know it if you talk to him. He has been really good considering this is his first go round with the whole preggo wife. Most men aren't this good in the second and third time at this.

Hopefully something exciting will pop into my head today so that I can blog about more than my pregnant self....have a good Thursday all.