Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Ours was great, though HOT! I can't say I am happy about the fact that it made it to 100 here yesterday. It is only April.

Saturday afternoon we made our way to Burleson. Shana's parents, Neal and Jana, live there and we went to spend the evening with them. It was so great to spend time with them. As always, the boys all had fun playing together. Very few arguments to resolve....a Mom can be proud of little things. They played on the slip and slide. Three little boys giggling is just music to my ears. We went to church with them that evening. I love visiting other people's churches. It is always interesting to me. I love the idea of Saturday night services. I would love for our church to start one. We then went back to the house and pigged out. What else do you expect from two VERY pregnant women? For those of you that are wondering about how big we are in the picture...Shana is due June 20 with Miss Shayden, I am due May 10 with Mr Chase. This is actually the second time Shana and I have been pregnant together. Her son, Bishop, is only 2 months younger than Brodie. This time, however, we are close enough to each other to enjoy it. Well, I am not sure we are really ENJOYING all that goes with pregnancy at this point, but you get the point. We stayed at Neal and Jana's until the boys were so tired that we had to leave to avoid any further whining. Thanks Shana for inviting us out, we had a blast.

Sunday we had a family day. We hung around the house all day. Of course, we colored Easter eggs and had an egg hunt out in the backyard. Jason was hiding eggs and the boys kept trying to cheat and look. It was a funny sight to see. We cooked out on the grill and ate out back. The boys played in the sprinkler until the yard was so wet it was mush. It was a very good day.

We had a rough night last night, however. Brodie has developed an ear ache and is not feeling so hot. So he and I will be taking a veg out day today.

I had an Easter post related to a lot of things. One of which being that it has now been 3 years since I became a Christian. I had "dated" Jesus a lot in the years leading up to 2003, but that is when I made the final leap. Easter is a very special time for me. The reason I am not posting my post about it is because I wrote it when I was in a very bad mood. The majority of the post was about "Bunny Christians". I have decided that it wasn't a good post to put up and that I am choosing to be glad that the people who only show up to church on holidays show up at all. Maybe one of these holidays something will click with them. I will concentrate my efforts on praying to that end instead of being judgmental....which is how it should be (however, hard sometimes).

We missed all of our family in Lubbock over the weekend. See you all soon. Chase should be here in a few weeks time (Mom is READY!!!!)

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