Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen...Random

Thirteen Things I Am Currently Thinking About

I am not too much of a celebrity watcher, but I do keep up with the highlights. The whole Sara Evans divorce makes me very sad for some reason. The girl who does my hair looks JUST LIKE Sara Evans...I will have to get her take on it when I get my hair done Saturday.

2. I am not a fan of Madonna (I like her music, but have issues with her in other areas). HOWEVER, I think she is totally getting crapped on right now by the media.

3. My mom is flying in today for the weekend. I am so excited. I love my Mommy!

4. We are going to a birthday party on Saturday for Shana's son, Bishop. The boys are so excited. I am just happy to get to see Shana....Hello...BEEN WAY TOO LONG.

5. One of my favorite blogs has gone MIA.....Come back Nicole.

6. I am LOVING the new Beth Moore Bible Study! Seriously, I have cried so many times already doing this one.

7. I am starting a new challenge on November 1. It is a 30 day challenge. Given my negativity lately it will be hard. If you are married...Care to join?

8. I am currently having to restrain myself. We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year and I am so badly wanting to buy all sorts of new house stuff. I did get a gorgeous new table cloth on MAJOR sale that I am very proud of. But someone please give me a billion dollar gift certificate to Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel....PLEASE!

9. I hate being a women during certain times of the month.

10. As always, the school debate is still going on. Nursing school? Or No?

11. I really wish people would educate themselves on a subject before spouting off their opinion. I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion, but lordy....there are these things called FACTS people. Pick up a book or something.

12. I really want to go back to bed. Chase is NOT sleeping well. I think we are teething....JOY!

13. Did I mention my Mommy is coming today??? WOOHOO!