Monday, October 30, 2006

Peeking in...

I found a journal in the grocery cart at Central Market today. Normally when I find anything I just turn it in to a checker. That is until I was told by a friend of mine that in most retail places if the item turned in is not of any real value that it usually goes straight to the trash.

I carried the journal around in the cart while I did our shopping. Picking up mundane things that I normally buy at Central Market...fresh tortillas, coffee, foccacia bread, Burt bee's lip balm, guacamole, chicken tenderloins. It is one of those journals with a magnetic closure. I didn't open it. I carried it with me through the check out line. I took it out to the car and opened it up. I really was just looking to see if there was a name or some identifying item inside.

Here is what I know about this journals owner. He does not use this journal for deeply personal things. Mostly mundane to do lists etc. He also seems to be heavy into the death metal scene. Some of the bands he has listed are a little scary. He changes handwriting frequently and seems to be artistic in some manner. He works in a corporate job. Jason recognized much of the items on his to do list as computer and programming related things. He is a smoker. You can smell the smoke as you flip the pages. He likes soccer and seems to be a referee. He believes all pro athletes should have to attend 4 children's games a year to remind them of what the game is really about. Tenderloin is on his grocery list often. He is going to see Black Label Society on November 19th. Well, that is if I can get his ticket to him that was tucked into the journal. The one item that was inside that is now going to allow me to send this to him....a speeding ticket...with his address. So, Roger, I will drop your journal in the mail to you tomorrow. Sorry I am nosey!