Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Life With Boys...

Just when I thought yesterday was going to be an uneventful day...BAM....blood. Lots of blood at that.

Brodie and Austin were cleaning their room supposed to be cleaning their room. They were playing all sorts of games and irritating each other. Wrestling was involved...lots of wrestling. I kept telling them that they were getting too crazy. I told them no less than 15 times that someone was going to end up hurt. Then it happened. Austin picked up a metal bucket that they have in their room for books and was covering his face with it. Can you see it coming? Brodie then took that opportunity to punch the bucket from the other side. Yes folks, PUNCH THE BUCKET INTO HIS BROTHER'S FACE!

I ran to the room, Austin was clutching his face. I really didn't realize that it was all that bad. I took Brodie into the other room and stuck his nose in a corner (I refuse to spank for hitting, I think it is contradictory....though I do spank). It was then I heard THE shriek. Austin has this shriek when he gets freaked out. It is loud....like a freight train whistle. I ran to the other room and saw my poor baby with blood all over his face and running all down his hands. The edge of the bucket was apparently against Austin's upper gum when Brodie hit it and it busted his gum. I mean, BUSTED! Now, I am usually pretty calm and collected with injuries (we all remember Brodie's Tarzan incident). I was not so calm and collected this time. BUT, I faked it well. We cleaned it up and called Jason. Jason came home to check it out. We decided to wait and see how it looked. After an hour or so we decided our main concern was infection from the bucket. So Austin and I went to the quick care.

Long story short...he got antibiotics and the doctor said we might want to see a dentist today. The picture is of how it looked this morning( sorry that was the best pic I could get). We are going to see how it looks this afternoon after school before making a decision on the dentist.

Never a dull moment when raising boys....