Thursday, October 12, 2006

I am Holy...

I have been doing the new Beth Moore bible study called, "Daniel". It is intense and awesome.

Last night while Austin and Brodie were in choir I sat in my favorite chair in our church and started on some of the week's homework for the study. The theme of this week's study is hitting me hard and in tender places. One statement is now circled and highlighted and I have read it several times today. Beth made the statement about herself, but it very well could have been from my own lips:

"For much of my life I've had a fairly high regard for God, but I nourished a very low regard for myself. Much of my sin resulted from my unbelief that I was valuable and precious to God, coupled with my unwillingness to treat my own vessel as holy."---Beth Moore

It is hard for me, even now as a saved person, to wrap my mind around the fact that I am precious to God. That I am "the apple of His eye". I still have a hard time facing the fact that even with as awful as some of my sins have been, God still embraces me and get this...HE WANTS TO USE ME! I believe it...I have witnessed too much of His grace to not, but I just don't fathom WHY! The part of the study this week that I am taking with me is that I AM HOLY! God has consecrated me, cleansed me, declared me holy through Christ Jesus. How dare I treat myself as anything less. Even more so....How dare I let others and Satan use my holy vessel to toast unholy causes. I have repented of those sins and God has wiped them from memory. It is a testament to my faith that I can take him at His WORD. It is a testament to my faith that I can recognize the subtlety of Satan in trying to have me relive those sins and to wallow in them. I recognize it and I will not allow it.

"Vessels that have been treated as unholy can be treated as holy again"--Beth Moore