Monday, October 23, 2006

It only took 8 years...

Yesterday was the first time in 8 years that I did not cry on October 22nd. I don't know if that can be attributed to healing or just the fact that we have been sick and my mind was mostly elsewhere. I didn't even realize that it was the 22nd until 9:00 last night. But, even with the realization, the tears stayed at bay. October 22, 1998 was the date that I "officially" lost my first pregnancy. That was the day I had my D&C. Though it was definitely an unplanned pregnancy and I was entirely too young, it was still a painful and emotional time. Within three weeks of that day I was married (again WAY too young) was a roller coaster time in my life. I was what I can now see in a DEEP state of depression for much of that time. I won't get into details, but I needed to acknowledge that day.

As for the sickly folks around here...we are better. Jason and I got knocked down by this far worse than Austin and luckily Brodie and Chase seem have avoided it completely. Jason and I still have the "rolly tummies" but they are getting better. Thanks to those of you that emailed. Sorry you girls that came to DFW this weekend for the WE WANNA MEET! I was so looking forward to meeting all you but didn't want to share our germs.