Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things That Have Annoyed Me This Week...

  1. The old lady that lives next door to us. Would it kill you to smile lady?
  2. The lack of parental volunteers in every single activity. I notice it at school and church and now in scouting. GET INVOLVED PEOPLE.
  3. The fact that because of #2 I am now assistant Den Leader of Austin's Tiger Cub Den...also meaning I have to wear a uniform....laugh it up.
  4. My favorite pen ran out of ink and I can not find one that I love as much as it.
  5. My allergies
  6. Which ever one of our neighbors keeps letting their dog use our yard as their toilet.
  7. Diet Coke does not taste as good as regular.
  8. As mentioned in another post...FIFTH FREAKING PERIOD IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS
  9. I am now getting migraines again...after almost 5 years without one
  10. Stepping on the 500th toy of the week this morning
  11. That I can't get control of my moods
  12. I haven't had enough time to read this week
  13. That I am writing such a freaking negative list
I promise to do a more upbeat one next week....I feel better already!