Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am alive and kicking. I was enjoying my lovely weekend with my in laws and my family. I have many many things floating around in my head to blog about, but have not quite formulated what all I want to say. So for now a few random thoughts a la LaShawn:

~ Mi Cocina may be snobby Tex-Mex but oh my it was yummy! Thank you Jas for my birthday dinner it was so tasty. Thank you Lesa and Terry for watching the kiddos for us.

~ Our neighbors are thrilled that they were woken up Saturday morning to the sound of chainsaws. Our landlord had our HUGE, 50 year old, sycamore tree cut down. It is now piled in front of our house waiting for the city to come pick it all up. Looks very classy!

~ I have taken over as the prayer "leader" of our Sunday School class. I have a lot of fear about this and I don't know why. I am working through it. I signed up not because I WANTED to do it, but because I really felt like I was supposed to. I am praying that God uses this ministry to strengthen my own prayer life.

~ It rained ALL day Monday....I love that!

~ I took Beau on a walk with me last night. Man that bird dog instinct comes out when he is tracking something. Once he realized that Mommy wasn't playing games he decided to stop trying to walk ME!

~ Austin has done really well in school so far this year. He made 100% on his last spelling test and continues to keep up his good behavior (something we struggled with in Kindergarten). I am very proud of him.

~ Brodie has decided that it is fun to baby talk....acting out with the new baby maybe?

~ Chase used his exersaucer for the first time this weekend. He is finally big enough. He loves it!

~ I started Beth Moore's new bible study, Daniel, yesterday. I am very excited about it. Sounds so interesting....I am sure it will give me lots to blog about.

~ I am still in the process of figuring out my schooling situation. I am for sure going back in the Spring, but we are at a crossroads as to what exactly I am going to study. This is one of those things that will get its own post soon to explain. Ugh...

~ I am so glad I got to see my mom this weekend. Even if it was only for an hour!

~ I need to go do some laundry....OK, I am going....right now.....well as soon as I read my email.