Tuesday, January 10, 2006


In the interest of time...and that I need a nap....I am just going to copy and paste my email I sent out to everyone here about the ultrasound. Only for you guys I will spell check...don't ask me what the freak I was thinking not spell checking a letter I typed at lightning speed...ugh

Jason and I went today for another ultrasound. At the 19 week ultrasound just before Christmas, the little munchkin was not being cooperative enough for the doctor's taste. Today's ultrasound went much better. "Munchkin" was AGAIN confirmed to be a boy and quite the active bub. He is measuring perfectly and is already 1.25lbs. The exciting part of the ultrasound was that we got 3D pictures. This has been all Jason has wanted the whole pregnancy so far. He was so excited. "Munchkin" looks great. No worries where he is concerned. As some of you know, at the 19 week Ultrasound the doctor saw that I had a low lying placenta, but did not seem overly worried at the time. This time he did not like what he saw. He did a transvaginal ultrasound to be able to get a better look at the placenta. Turns out it is lower than we thought. I was diagnosed with placenta previa. This is where the placenta is partially or totally covering the opening of the cervix. With my history (C-section and a D&C) I am at a higher risk for this turning into a placenta acreta, which is not a fun thing. However, the doctor is not too concerned about that due to the placement of the placenta on the back wall of my uterus. Basically, it is a wait and see game. Right now I am on "pelvic rest" (no intercourse, no strenuous exersice, no heavy lifting or housecleaning). No decisions as far as delivery will be made until 28 weeks. I will go then for another ultrasound to see if the placenta has moved up. There is a pretty good chance that it could move up, but they want to play it safe and wait and see. If it does NOT move up then I will definitely have a C-section and if I do start to bleed could be put on bedrest. We will know more mid-February. Until then we will continue to pray that the baby stay healthy and that the placenta will MOVE UP!!! I have attached some 3D ultrasound pics of the baby. They are of his profile and his hands.