Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I had to post this picture of the dogs. I love my dogs insanely. This is them, SO content on their new bed.

I know I have not been posting much. I am much like Shana in that it has just been a tiring week. Bible Study and Bootcamp at church are both back up in full swing. I am really excited about the bible study. We are doing Beth Moore's (of course) "Jesus the One and Only". It is one of the two Beth Moore studies that I have been dying to do. So yay. I wish I could say that there has been something exciting going on, but really there isn't. I have been a bear to live with lately. My hormones are raging out of control and this whole pelvic rest thing is driving me batty. But, whatever is best for the babe. Jason has, in his usual fashion, been fantastic about everything. He takes everything I say with a grain of salt knowing that most likely it is "Pregnant Shawnee" talking and not ME! I love feeling the baby move and all of that, but this pregnancy has not been kind to me emotionally or physically. Sleep is definitely a commodity around here. The cats are fed up with me moving around so much and have begun sleeping elsewhere (which I have to say does not hurt my feelings AT ALL). That is about all for here. I promise I will be back in the next day or so with more upbeat and positive things. There is a lot going on right now that is great, maybe if I sleep some I will get back to remembering it all.

OH I did hook up online with my VERY best friend from Junior High, Jessi. VERY exciting! OK, so that is all.

Good night all....have a good sleep!