Monday, January 30, 2006

This is an actual conversation that I just had with Austin, the kid cracks me up:
Austin: MOM, I got an idea!
Mom: That is dangerous
A: No, seriously. I could get some drums and practice at home and I could be in a band.
M: A band huh? Like a rock band or a polka band?
A: What is polka?
M: Polka sucks, forget I said that.
A: I wish I could play drums AND the guitar at the same time.
M: We would be rich if you could.
A: What should I wear in my band?
M: Clothes I hope.
A: Yeah, like should I wear my rock and roll know the black one that is all (insert Austin's badass rocker face here). Or should I wear black BANDIT clothes? (Brodie and Austin are obsessed with the word bandit right now)
M: Personally, I like bandit clothes. It is one else is doing it.
A: Yeah and Brodie could play in the band too.
M: Sounds like you got this figured out.
A: Yep, I'm just smartMom.
M: I never doubted you for a minute.
A: I would need to learn how to drive.
M: Drive? Why?
A: Cause I would need to drive to my shows. Rock stars moms don't take them to the shows.
M: What if I want to come?
A: Jason can bring you.
M: Jason could manage you guys
A: Jason is going to play in the band too, Mom. ( you know he wanted to say DUH)
M: *silent stare*
A: Spongebob was in a rock band once.
M: I think that was marching band.
A: Yeah, but they rocked the bubble bowl.
M: That they did. You going to rock the bubble bowl?
A: I can't live underwater
M: You could get a helmet like Sandy.
A: YEAH! I'm going outside to play band with Brodie now.
And now all I hear is some very crazy sounding "musical" sounds coming from the backyard.
He kills me! Sometimes he can be just a pain in the rear and then other times he cracks me up!