Sunday, January 29, 2006


Oh, how I miss the days when I would gag down some NyQuil and drift off to sleep (you should always take NyQuil while LYING in bed...that stuff is potent). I am a firm believer in this nasty licorice medicine. Wherever you take it, there you sleep. Cold? Take NyQuil. Flu? Take NyQuil. Malaria? Take NyQuil. Insomnia? NYQUIL! I have been sick for 7 days now. When I say I have a cold, it doesn't quite convey how sick I have been. To be sick while pregnant SUCKS in and of itself. I am limited on what medicines I can take. Even the ones I can take I am cautioned against using "too often". Even if I were not pregnant and in such a dilemma THIS cold would have dropped me. I don't recall having a cold quite this bad in recent years. I am still sick, though the mere fact that I am sitting upright typing is a clear indication of the fact that I am on the upswing (I hope). When I cough it sounds like a seal barking. When I talk it sounds like I have smoked a pack a day since I was in diapers. When I sneeze....well let's just say it is not a pleasant sound. Jason was wonderful, he took off in the afternoons to get Austin from school, made dinner for them, even found time to finish painting the dining room and entry way today. All this while still working more than 40 hours and taking classes. My dilemma was with Brodie during the day. Luckily, Brodie can entertain himself 90% of the time. We went to bible study Tuesday JUST so he could play. I sat in the back and tried not to breathe too near anyone else. My lovely Aunt Kristin was kind enough on Friday to bring me medicine (approved by my doctor), magazines to keep me sane and lunch for Brodie. Such a life saver as Jason had a meeting he could not get out of. My whole week was spent hold up in my house. I did make good use of the time. I found a way to end the drought. Between the vaporizer and the humidifier we had the humidity up to almost 80% in the living room (our big clock has a gauge). Crank those puppies up a little more and I think we could have made rain. I did venture out of the house for a bit yesterday to go to Walmart. Exciting stuff I know. I am just one of those people that would rather do the grocery shopping myself. So against Jason's insisting I went. I should have listened to him. It took everything I had to get checked out and get back home. It rained all morning so by the time I got to the store EVERYONE, their mama, and their aunties were there. It was insanity on top of me just not being physically up to it. Now that it is obvious I am pregnant I also get stopped a few times each trip by "well-meaning" people going over the contents of my cart. Luckily all I had to do this time was cough and they all scattered. If there was an isle that had people parked all over the place and no one could get through...COUGH...instanly clear. Kind of like Bruce Almighty.

So, thank you to everyone that has checked on me this week (especially Kree). I am alive and still is the munchkin. The cold didn't seem to slow him down too much. Hopefully I will be back to my old self in the next few days. Stay well....