Saturday, January 21, 2006


As some of you know my parents' dog Molly Marie (top picture with her pretty bow) passed away this last summer. We had her for 12 years if my thinking is correct. She was definitely a member of the family. Well, today my mom got her early birthday present...Everyone meet Barney (bottom picture). He, like Molly, is a Yorkie. HOW CUTE IS THAT FACE?!?!?!? I am utterly jealous. I have two dogs, you say? Yes, I know, but I could always go for another. I am very glad my mom got Barney. I think she was lonely without Molly, even if she was a pain in the butt sometimes. Mom, I can't wait to come and squeeze him. You MUST bring him with you when you come Spring Break...MUST no negotiating.