Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bowling Party

Austin had a birthday party to attend today for one of the kids in his class, Alex. It was at the bowling alley and it was a ZOO! All the kids had a really good time though. There were 20 kids. There are only 22 kids in his whole class so it was a great turn out. Also turns out that Austin is a pretty good little bowler (with the gutters blocked, but still). Out of his group of four he bowled the highest scores both games. He even managed several spares. He had a really good time. Brodie on the other hand has begun getting sick. Yesterday his nose starting running like crazy and today it is down in his chest (very asthma-y sounding). When we got home from the party he ran to the bathroom cause he said he had to GO...well he didn't quite make soon as his pants came down so did some other lovely stuff. So we had to clean him up and give him a bath. Poor dude :-( Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. Hate to miss church again, but I won't send him like that.
Friday we had our regular OB checkup. She pretty much just reiterated what the High Risk Doctor told me. Pelvic rest and we will wait and see what the 28 week ultrasound showed. Otherwise everything was good. I am finally gaining some weight, which normally would not be good, but given that I am 24 weeks along, it is time. That is about all we have going on. Jason worked on his car most of the day and in between we watched the car auctions on Speed. The boys are crashed out watching a movie and Jason is off to pick up some Pei Wei for us (the boys ate at the bowling alley). Eventful Saturday I tell ya. Once the kids are in bed it is Nip/Tuck Season One time. We didn't start watching it on TV until halfway through season 2 so we are renting and watching all the first ones Good stuff!