Tuesday, January 03, 2006


OK, now for my proper Christmas Post!
The boys went back to Lubbock early with my mom to give them some more time with family there. My parents left right after Christmas for the Coast (they have a boat down there) and wanted a few more days with the boys. Jason and I exchanged gifts early while we were still at home. Jason (as you know from earlier posts) got me a gorgeous ring. I got him some new clothes. He has tons of work clothes and was in dire need of some everyday clothes. Christmas Eve we spent the day with Jason's family. His brother Brian and his wife, Kristi were in from Houston. This will likely be the last Christmas they come to Lubbock to enjoy for a while. Brian graduates med school in May and will start his residency after that and they don't usually get holidays off or ever get to sleep from what I hear. Anyway, Christmas Eve morning we opened presents with Jason's parents, Brian and Kristi and the four of us. The boys loved having Aunt Kristi and Uncle Brian around. Austin and Brodie made out like bandits of course. Me being pregnant all I really wanted was pretty, smelly stuff. I got lots of yummy lotions, a fluffy soft new robe and the perfume I wanted from Victoria's Secret from Lesa and Terry. I also got a gorgeous silver candle abra from Brian and Kristi that will look great in our dining room. Jason got just what he wanted as well, GIFT CARDS! He also got a Texas Tech clock for his office. We had lunch with all of Jason's family that afternoon and then went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Nana and Papa's church. It is always very pretty. We were kinda bummed about missing the Christmas services at our own church here, but we look forward to catching them in years to come. Then we went to Nana and Papa's house for sandwiches and more gifts. Brodie was feeling REALLY bad that night. He fell asleep on Kristi in church. We had to stop by and get him some Motrin. No fun! Then we headed out to my parents' house for bed. Both boys got BIG doses of meds and they were off to sleep. Then Jason had to play Santa and put together scooters. Austin had written a letter to Santa AND told Santa both at the mall AND on the phone that he wanted a "push scooter". Kinda nice now that they are at the age that you can ask them what they want and they WILL tell you. However, I dread the day when they tell us they want A CAR or something else of that nature. *sigh* Christmas morning (after a LONG night of coughing and fevers and Mommy ending up in the room with them) the boys were VERY excited to see that Santa ate all his cookies and drank his milk and that he had left them SCOOTERS! Then Big Mama and Aunt Kristin came out and we all had Mimosas (non-alcoholic for the pregger girl). Mimosas on Christmas morning is a tradition....it is a must. Surprisingly non-alcoholic champagne is not all that bad. Then we snacked around while Dad got the smoker ready. Another tradition is smoked Prime Rib. YUMMERS! The boys played out in the barn, riding their scooters and four wheelers (they are both SO good on the four wheelers that it scares Mom a bit). Big Daddy and Uncle Christian came out around lunch time. Lyndon and Mandy and of course, baby Cason came out around 2. Then it was time to eat. Very yummy grub as always. Then we had presents. This year we decided to stop all the insanity of Christmas and we only got gifts for the kids. Our parents still bought for us (Jason got a TON of tools and a toolbox and I got a gorgeous watch) but it was nice to cut down on all the gifts that distract from Christmas at times. The boys again made out like bandits. Cason had his first Christmas and got lots of cool stuff too. Including a giraffe pillow that he really loved. Cason and Aunt LaShawn took a nap in the chair later in the day. You know I just HATED doing that (year right!). All in all it was a great day. The next day we went back over to Lesa and Terry's and then Jason and I left for home on Tuesday to get all moved. what fun times that was (ugh). We decided to not go out New Year's Eve. First off I am pregnant so clubs and such are out of the question with so much smoke and all. Secondly, Jason's company is having a big party at Southfork Ranch in a few weeks so I can get dressed up then. We settled on Studio Movie Grill. We went and saw Narnia and enjoyed some pretty yummy food. The boys got home yesterday and are currently enjoying their new room, as you can see from the picture. The house is still not totally put together and we have lots of painting to do in the coming weeks. But we are still happy to be moved in!