Monday, October 08, 2007

Not exactly the Smurfs...

Jason and I took Austin and Brodie to see The Blue Man Group last night. We had so much fun. The show was especially good because it has obvious kid, lights, drums, silly guys painted blue...BUT it also has great jokes and social commentary that are fun for the adults. The boys kept telling Jason thank you for getting the tickets. It was a really fun "big boy" night. **Just as a side note...Mike Relm, who opened for the group was amazing and fun to watch...check out his MySpace here**

This week is going to be an odd one. Chase is gone to Lubbock to visit for a week and half and Jason is out of town for work until late Thursday night. It is just the big boys and mom this week. Since the boys were out of school today we did some shopping and hanging out. I am trying to think of things to do this week that they normally don't get to do because of little brother. I think later in the week or early next week we are going to go to this cool pottery painting place. FUN STUFF!