Sunday, October 14, 2007

Animal House...

(Mojo and Cloe)

Anyone who reads my blog knows that our house is crazy just due to my having three active boys and a hilarious husband. We also have four animals, two dogs and two cats. So yea, it is a little nutty around here. I took this picture last night because I am always posting pictures of my kids on the blog, but really the animals are our kids too. I have rarely come across more spoiled animals in my life...OK other than my mom's dogs. Jason and I both have to fight the urge to have more animals. We want another dog so badly we can hardly stand it. If I wasn't due with Evan in 4 1/2 weeks I guarantee you that we would get a dog in the next month. Since we don't think it would be wise to try to house train a new puppy and deal with adding another child to the mix at the same time we have been setting up our saltwater aquarium. The process for it started about a month ago. Saltwater is harder to set up than fresh water just because you have to let everything sit and get just right before you can add fish. Well, we have added fish. I will try to get a picture tomorrow, but they are still being really shy. They are our tester fishes. Hopefully they will live while Jason is gone for the next few days. I already have 7 mouths to feed on a daily basis (not including Jason), hopefully our three new fish and the new crab will not be forgotten.