Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I declare a LaShawn Day...

Tomorrow, Ocotber 10th, is officially LaShawn Day around here.

Jason is out of town...Chase is out of town...the boys are in school. Why am I not doing something nice for myself?

At first, my plans for tomorrow were to clean house a bit and work on the kids rooms. Then I realized...I need to do something nice for JUST ME. I originally said I was going to have a "Mommy" Day. But the thing is that is what I am going to be rebelling against. I am always being MOMMY. Tomorrow, from the hours of 8am until 3pm I am going to be LaShawn. I am going to go to the bookstore and I might even get a pedicure. I am going to sit outside Starbucks and read the paper.

The point being...I am going to spend the day with myself and I am not going to once feel guilty that I have laundry sitting at home.