Friday, October 12, 2007

Blog Material Falls From the Monkey Bars...

Look closely at Brodie's shirt. Do you see the sticker? Sometimes blog material just comes to you. I got a call yesterday just before noon from Brodie's school saying he bumped his head. Due to schools being crazy afraid of being sued by crazy people they call if they even THINK a kid bumped his head. They iced it, he was fine. Not even a bump really.

When he walked out of school wearing that sticker I laughed so hard. I think I actually said out loud, "BLOG MATERIAL!"

So how did it happen? Anyone who knows Brodie knows that he isn't always the most graceful child. He is the king of running into things. Well, at recess he was hanging upside down on the monkey bars and when he tried to reach up to get off he slipped and fell. While that image alone in my head makes me laugh, as he is telling me about it he had to act it out. Made my day. (Does it make me a bad mom that I laugh about stuff like this?)

Who knew that monkey bars could provide parents so much entertainment?