Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We had our 34 week ultrasound yesterday morning. I would have new pictures to post, but my scanner is once again acting like a retard.

Dr. Zaretsky said that everything looked wonderful. Chase is now 5 lbs 1 oz. I told Jason before we went in that he was 5 lbs. Am I good or what? Moms have a sense of these things. We got to see him breathing amniotic fluid. He does this about once every 30 minutes. It is practice for breathing outside the womb and it is a great sign of brain activity and development. The doctor was able to position the doppler over his mouth and we got to actually hear him breathing. He even colorized the fluid so that we could actually see the fluid going through his nostrils. How cool is that? We have loved getting to see all of these amazing things. Brodie went with us and told the doctor, "I have seen this movie before." Then he announced that we needed to buy this movie. He is a crack up.

The placenta is still low, but Dr. Zaretsky said he did not think it would hinder me from attempting a vaginal birth. My doctor gets last call on that. There is really only about a 40-70% chance that I will be able to deliver vaginally anyway (depending which doctor you talk to). I was so glad that I did attempt it with Brodie, as that labor was extremely fast and so was my recovery compared to the C-section with Austin. More than likely we will allow me to go into labor and just watch. If there is any sign of placental bleeding or any other complication they will immediately take me in for C-section.