Thursday, March 30, 2006

diaper bag

Topic for tomorrow's post: Why LaShawn has purchased and taken back 5 diaper bags? (Kenneth Cole is involved...should have known)

I wanted to have a lovely post all made up for tonight, but I am wiped out and extremely swollen. Our animals have all been acting very weird the last week or so. I am pretty sure they are sensing it is getting close to baby time. It is just very odd to have 4 animals all of a sudden turn clingy. Especially the dogs. Mojo is a BIG dog (his head comes up past my hip and I am 5'8) & he wants to be in my do the math. Mama Callie just about clawed me to death this afternoon trying to stay near me and get me to sit down.

Hey Mom, why does Mandy get comments and I don't??? HUH??? I know I talk to you like everyday, but it is no excuse :-)