Thursday, March 23, 2006

Idiot adults

Adults are idiots.... My sister in law, Mandy, got me to thinking about this. Do you remember when you were a child and you thought, "Surely it will get easier when I am an adult"? You know, easier to talk to someone instead of talking ABOUT someone. Somehow it was supposed to be easier to relate to the girl who grew up with everything she ever wanted, but appreciated none of it. It was supposed to get easier to deal with the cute boy who wanted nothing to do with you. Easier to tell people to kiss your ass when you had just had enough of them. Then you grew up.

My mom has very little patience with adults. Go ahead ask her, she will tell you. Perhaps because I am so much like my mom this is where I get it. Adults are petty, idiotic, self-absorbed creatures for the most part. My mom and Mandy are both teachers (all bow down to their feet I mean it). BOTH work with kids with "issues" we will call it. And yet, all their MAJOR issues at school come from the adults that surround them. How is that possible?

In a day I can deal with spilled cereal all over the carpet, crushed fruit loops in the bed, a child who refuses to blow his nose and insists on rubbing his snot on anything in sight, things being knocked off the grocery shelves, a three year old that thinks he rules the world, a six year old who KNOWS he rules the world, soccer kicks to the ribs, whining, crying, fussing and fighting....AS LONG AS IT COMES FROM MY KIDS! Adults should really know better. However, if you really listen...I mean REALLY listen to day to day life it is adults not the little folks that do the most whining and crying and fussing and fighting. I thought surely all those mean girls from high schools around the world would grow out of it. You know what I found? They just grow up to be mean adults and mean moms. You know, the kind that will kill another mom for her daughter to have a cheerleading spot. It just amazes me that adults can be so idiotic....and yet they are. Shana, I know you know what I am talking about as well. It is universal.

Adults act more like children than children wonder our kids are confused.