Monday, March 20, 2006

Difficult people

We have all heard the saying that difficult people are put into our lives for a purpose. Sometimes it is hard to find the purpose for it. Especially when you have no control over how that person entered your life. My question is: Why do people think that the things you do and say on the internet are not going to get back to people? I find it quite funny how people can live in their own little bubble not really KNOWING a person and still pass judgment on them. People get one side of a story and run with it. Hey, I know it is human nature, but it doesn't make it right. Divorce is one of those things that happens in life that can cause major complications. Especially for the party that didn't WANT the divorce in the first place (at least not before exhausting all the options). Then remarriage causes even more. Especially when the "new" person doesn't bother to try to see anything from anyone's point of view but their own. There are people in this world that truly believe that the world revolves around them and live their lives as such. No matter how nice and diplomatic I have tried to be, it just never seems to get easier. Those of you that have read this for a long time (2 years) know that I do not publicly say anything bad about my ex or his new wife. I do this not out of respect for them (as they have given me little reason to respect them) but out of respect for my children. I do not ever wish for them to be a pawn in some twisted game. I have seen too many kids screwed up by selfish parents who want to try to "get back" at the other person. I refuse to do that to my kids. If others choose to not behave in the same respectful manner I guess I have no real control over that. I will just say, I wish that others could act a little more like adults when it comes to issues involving children. Cause really, what good does it do to create more drama? OK off my rant.