Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Anyone who knows me well knows that I am insanely mushy about my kids. Pregnancy hormones are just intensifying that for me. I find myself getting teary eyed almost daily about them. Last night we were doing our nighttime reading and Brodie started telling me what each number was by sight. I didn't know he knew that. I had to stop myself from crying. I can't even get into Austin. He is just so big...SO BIG. The picture is of them last night. Austin was doing his homework and Brodie said he needed to do some too. They are just getting so big so fast. I know that they are only 6 and 3 and it seems like they are so little. THEY AREN'T!!! It was just a blink of an eye ago that they were born. I used to hate it when people would tell moms that were having a bad day to remember that it flys by so fast. Boy, I get it now. Even on my worst days, when everything they do drives me nuts, I remind myself that Jason and I are going to turn around one day and all three of our boys are going to be out of the house, married, having babies. While I can't wait for all that lies ahead, I want to keep them little for as long as I can. It reminds me of that country song that says, "Let them be little". Oh so true. They grow up fast enough on their own.