Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just call me Grace...

( Top picture: View from our deck at our cabin; Bottom picture: Taken walking up the trail from the fishing dock)

We are back. We had a very relaxing time and enjoyed just being the two of us. No kids to feed, no diapers, no whining (from kids anyway) most of all no schedule to be on. I will post more on all the details of the fun stuff. We did have a downside.

Last night we were cooking Cornish Game Hens and we both decided we wanted some corn to grill with them. I drove up to the local grocery store and grabbed a few things. When I got back to the cabin I was walking down the stairs to the front door and my foot slipped on a rock...spraining my ankle. Yea, it is totally pretty! Swollen and a little bruised. I am pretty sure it is fine though. So, until the baby is born Jason has banned me from flip flops. Um, it is 105 degrees out and I can't wear flip flops....TORTURE!!!!