Wednesday, August 08, 2007


One of the drawbacks of having a large brood is that you rarely go unseen in public. Dragging three VERY handsome, many times loud, boys everywhere you go seems to draw a lot of attention. Add to it the noticeably pregnant belly and well, there is just no hiding. Everyone wants to know if they are all mine, if I am hoping for a girl this time (no) and the repetitive, "Oh you have your hands full" statements. Due to this I am enjoying the child free status in public this week. I went to the bookstore where I sat and looked through photography books for an hour and half. Not once did I have to apologize for some various offense of one of my kids, nor did I have to get anyone to quit grabbing things off the shelves. I am completely incognito.

Well, other than the belly. I was in a store yesterday looking at baby clothes and a woman walked up and started giving me opinions about certain brands of baby things. Telling me basically what I needed to buy and what she couldn't live without. Um, I didn't ask for the record. When I told her this wasn't my first child that it was actually my fourth she kept on. Her one child, that could not have been more than two months old, apparently made her an expert. Is it wrong that sometimes I just want to be left alone?? Can't people tell I am trying to be incognito?

And by the way lady, you are totally wasting your money on half that crap. Come talk to me in two years when you are broke and realize that all you needed was some diapers and onesies!!!