Sunday, December 17, 2006

A plan...

So Jason and I sat down tonight and made a plan for school. I have 4 pre-requisites that I need if I want to do RN school (which has been my plan for the last 4 years). I have gone back and forth on this for good reason. Nursing school is NOT flexible (where as nursing itself is EXTREMELY). That is a hard pill to swallow when you have 3 kids. The good news is that by the time I actually begin full blown nursing school, Brodie will be in kindergarten. There are other degrees I have thought about. Teaching is one I considered heavily, but to be honest....I don't care for other people's kids all that much :-) I also considered getting a graphic/multimedia design degree. There are a lot of reasons to not go that way, but it would have been kinda cool. Nursing (the career not school) makes a good fit for our family. I want to be able to work a schedule that can allow me to be with my kids as much as possible. The truth is we will never NEED me to work. But, I want to. I love being home while the kids are little, but I need more for myself. With nursing I can work a few shifts a week for personal fulfillment (and play money) and be with my kids the rest of the time. I also love being around people and helping them.

So nursing school it is. The next few semesters I will be finishing up the classes I need. Then off to RN school. I am excited, but nervous about the challenges this could present with our family life. Jason is blessed with a job that does have some flexibility in that he can telecommute some and also change up his hours (a little). It should work out. So, after months of indecisiveness I am going after what I have wanted for a long time. Jason is EXTREMELY supportive of this and that helps a lot.