Friday, December 29, 2006

Following your gut...

Maybe it is because I am getting older or maybe it is because it is happening more frequently, but I am noticing a rather interesting phenomenon. This phenomenon has been part of my life and I see it all around me in the lives of others. It is the phenomenon of group decisions for one's life.

Let me explain...

When did it become the norm for every decision a person makes to be up for discussion and debate? There seems to be some sort of committee for everything. Sometimes that committee takes the shape of a family that is a little too involved. Sometimes that committee is friends and other times it is just strangers that somehow think they know better how to live your life than you do.

I started thinking about this last night while watching Clerks II. Yes, highly educational stuff there. There is a part towards the end where Randal and Dante have landed themselves in jail. They are fighting and Randal actually has something rather intelligent to say. He asks Dante why he is making life decisions based on what everyone else thinks is right for his life even though it doesn't make sense to him.

That is what it boils down to. Does it make sense to you? In my life there is only one other question I have to ask myself, What does God have to say on the matter? That is it. My life doesn't have to make sense to anyone else. If Jason and I want another dog or another kid it might seem crazy to others, but if it makes sense to us then why is it their business? (for the record another kid is NOT on the is an example) In fact, if Jason and I listened to committee decisions on everything then there is a good chance we wouldn't be married and Chase wouldn't be a part of our lives. If people would stop caring so much about how other people view their lives and just start living their life the way it makes sense to them people would be a lot happier.