Thursday, December 28, 2006

Getting back to it...

I know I am horrible for not posting in a few days. I am enjoying my hubby being home. Jason took off yesterday and worked from home today.

Yesterday we went and did a little shopping and FINALLY bought Chase his bedding. Yes, I know he is 7 months old. There is a reason it took us so long...a few in fact. One is that we could not find one we really liked that wasn't a million dollars. I am not going to plop down a ton of money on something that is going to get spit up and poop all over it. The other reason was we briefly thought about buying a house and I wanted to wait until we did that to decide what I wanted to do. The house thing has been put on hold for another year or so. We are in no hurry and want to buy the house we want to stay in for a while. So there...that is my reasoning.

Chase loves the bedding. He actually slept a lot better once we put it on. Not sure if it really has anything to do with it, but anything that makes this boy sleep better is golden in my book.

Things have been a little quieter around here since Austin and Brodie are still in Lubbock, but Chase is still keeping me hopping.

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