Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Night Attack

Jason and I were sitting in the dark watching TV last night when he decided to get out the video camera and take pictures with it. Now...background. Both of our regular cameras are in different states of brokenness. Jason's camera is just beyond trashed and mine can't zoom (lost the zoom button). Not to mention our cameras are way outdated. SOOOO ...I was telling him IF he did get me a new camera for Christmas I would really like to have it early so I could use it to take pictures. He decides to point out that our camcorder takes pictures (yes it does, but only at 2MP). Anyway, he was being goofy and trying to irritate me. Like the lovely shot of me eating my cereal last night???? Gorgeous, no?

Last night as we were going to bed I found a gift bag on my pillow. It was a 1GB Memory Stick. We have NO electronics that take that kind of memory stick. Gee...wonder what it could be for??? I love Jason, he cracks me up.