Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Not to Open a Can of Worms...

I don't want to turn this blog somehow political. I do follow politics and have VERY strong opinions on the matter. I am not one of those that won't be your friend if we disagree in politics, however. I debated even talking about this, but it just bothers me so much.

What few brain cells Kerry may have once had in his brain have left his body completely. I am sure of it now. How in the world can you stand up in front of people and actually utter those words and then try to deflect the blame onto other people. Look I know a lot of people disagree with Bush and a lot of people disagree with the handling of Iraq. Some of their points are even valid. But to say something so insanely disrespectful to the troops is just incomprehensible. Having lived on a military base let me tell you something Mr. Kerry...these men are brave, not dumb.

In trying to defend himself against his insane rantings Kerry once again hid behind his past military service (which has been proven to be less than admirable at times). Kerry seems to believe those Americans who have never worn a military uniform in battle are somehow not allowed to be patriotic or have an opinion. I think Kerry just lost a few democrats their seats in the mid-term elections.

**Just for the sake of clarity...these are MY opinions on MY blog. I don't care if a person is conservative, liberal, or purple. These comments were just wrong and Kerry should apologize...period**